7 Pranayama’s Or Breathing Exercises To Detox Your Lungs And Have A Healthy Respiratory System

7 Pranayama’s Or Breathing Exercises To Detox Your Lungs And Have A Healthy Respiratory System

Yoga is a holistic approach to life uniting one’s body, mind, and soul by breathing techniques, body postures and meditation. Its calming effect will bring you to harmony with yourself and your surroundings. However, we always found excuses to avoid a fitness regime all this while, thanks to our busy lives in the not so recent past. Pranayama is the answer to having healthy lungs and a strengthened immunity and respiratory system. This, in turn, helps us to combat the present COVID-19 susceptibility and scare.

The world currently suffers the worst pandemic ever. Humanity fights the COVID-19 pandemic by being in lockdown. People suddenly have more time to invest in good health and healthy practices. One such healthy practice would be to adopt Yogic ways to combat the present situation.

7 Pranayama To Help Beat Your Respiratory Woes


The art of conscious breathing while chanting Om will reap excellent health for you with regular practice. Sit with your spine straight and closed eyes, breathe deeply through your nose and chant OM while exhaling. Start your day with 5-minute Udgeeth pranayama and awaken your mind to its true potential. This exercise will get you riddance from anger, anxiety, depression, insomnia and will cure blood pressure and nervous system-related problems.

Practice Udgeeth Pranayama During Lockdown
Shreya Kansal Practicing Udgeeth


Sheetali Pranayama is a breathing technique that induces a cooling effect on the body thus positively impacting our nervous and endocrine systems. In a meditative pose sitting comfortably bring out your tongue and fold its sides like a tube. Inhale through the tube formed and close your mouth, now exhale from the nostrils. This exercise effectively helps in mouth, spleen, and digestion-related diseases. It also regulates high BP by cooling the body and calming the mind. Also known to purify the blood, avoid if you are asthmatic or if you have low BP.

Shreya Kansal practicing Sheetali Pranayam
Shreya Kansal practicing Sheetali


Very similar to Sheetali and effective in cooling your body and mind. In a meditative pose, close your eyes and join your denticles. Inhale by opening your lips making them see sound. Close your mouth and exhale by your nostrils. 8 to 10 rounds of Sheetkari will cool down your body temperature and help with indigestion. Problems like pyorrhea can be treated by the regular practice of Sheetkari. Depression and mental tension patients will be benefitted from this exercise. Asthmatic and Low BP patients should avoid this pranayama.


KapalBhati means Forehead Shining which is sure to give your dull skin its glow back by regular practice. Sitting upright and cross-legged, Inhale softly and exhale forcefully with a puff sound via nostrils while contracting your abdomen. Repeat for about 5 to 10 minutes and slowly increase the counts. A very easy cleansing technique, it detoxes your body of its toxins, powering your abdominal muscles and benefitting you mentally, physically and spiritually.

Shreya Kansal, Yogini from Noida practicing Kapalbhati

Anulom Vilom

Inhaling, retention, and exhalation give this pranayama its purpose of controlling our breathing mechanisms. This breathing technique is sitting straight and using your thumb to close your right nostril and breathing in from your left and ring finger to close your left nostril and breathing out from the right. Repeat this exercise slowly alternating the nostrils for 5 to 10 minutes in an empty stomach. Try retaining the breath only when you have mastered this pranayama. Retention of breath should be avoided by beginners or heart and pressure ailment patients. Practicing this technique purifies the energy channels thus energizing all the organs giving us a healthy toxin-free body!


This breathing technique derives its name from the Indian bee called Bhramari. The bee breathing exercise is an instant stress reliever and mind soother, calming your nerves and helping you deal with anger management. Sit straight at the most ventilated corner of your home or office and close your eyes. Place your index fingers on your ear cartilage and take a deep breath in, now release the breath slowly pressing your ear cartilage while producing a humming sound from your throat. Continue for at least 4 counts before you stop. People with migraines, headaches, and hypertension should try out this one!

Shilpa Chajjer from UCKindies practicing Bhramari


Breathing pranayama which cleanses toxins from your body immediately after being exposed to them! Sit with your spine straight, and start taking deep breaths from your nose while expanding your abdomen fully as you breathe in and exhale forcefully via your nostrils while contracting your belly in the process. Follow the inhaling and exhaling and ensure that the breath is coming from your chest. People with asthma should be careful to practice this technique under professional guidance. Anybody with low stamina can be benefitted by this pranayama as it propels your energy levels!

Bhastrika Pranayam
Shreya Kansal practicing Bhastrika

Don’t let the COVID-19 scare and the pandemic lockdown hamper your spirit and health. You now know the trick to healthy breathing ways which will not only help you build strong immunity against flu’s but also benefit your body and mind in many ways!! 

As they say, “When You Can’t Go Outside, Go Inside!”


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