5 Reasons Why All About Kids Exhibition (AAK) is the Best Place for Moms and Kids

5 Reasons Why All About Kids Exhibition (AAK) is the Best Place for Moms and Kids

All you moms don’t have to go from shop to shop around the city now in search of everything that your kids need. So, here we have just what you have been waiting for… Just hop across to ‘The Apparel House’ on 29th June 2019 for the All About Kids Exhibition.
Given the hectic pace of life, it is a tireless pursuit for every mother to divide time and attention for their children and other chores. It becomes equally difficult for women, irrespective of the fact that they are working professionals or stay at home moms. Every woman yearns to give full attention to their children and fulfill all their wishes but somehow, with so much to do, the fun stuff never happens.
Every woman yearns to give full attention to their children and fulfill all their wishes but somehow, with so much to do, the fun stuff never happens. So, this exhibition promises to be a one stop shop for kids having everything that kids need under one roof to make your life easier.
Here are our 5 reasons on why All About Kids Exhibition should be your go to destination on the last weekend of June.

1.​Heterogeneity in Brands and Products:

This exhibition is a treasure hunt as it has an exciting  collection of products from various brands all under one roof.  This exhibition shall have everything starting from stationary items, toys, sports material, books, party products and many more.
Kids Clothes
Children Clothes

2.​Platform to Launch Your Products As An Entrepreneur:

It Is an ideal  platform for mompreuners  to showcase their offerings and new ventures. It shall not only help them to display their products and expand their businesses, but enhance their reach to the customer base of Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR.

3.​Reasonable Prices:

This exhibition guarantees you diversified products at very reasonable products. We understand the needs of every kid and their parents and therefore all the products are available at reasonable prices.

4. Environmental Friendly Products For Kids:

All the exhibitors will bear in mind their responsibility towards the environment and child safety. All products here are Eco-friendly and child safe starting from stationery products to the toys. Carefully curated the products have been designed exclusively for tiny tots and children per their convenience.
Eco-Friendly Products
Eco-Friendly Products

5. Organized by Moms Like You:

The organizers are moms who often struggle to find exciting products for their own kids due to shortage of time . All about kids was conceived (pun intended) with that thought, to give what every mom needs for her kids under one roof . It is by moms for moms and their kids with love.
Whether you are a full time working mom or a stay at home mom, time is always a rare commodity. So, all you busy mommies, forget that to do list and take out your shopping list. And head to that Apparel house on 28th June ,the best place for you to wind up that shopping list and spend some quality time with the kiddos doing what you love and they enjoy. The perfect way to make friends, have fun and meet like-minded people all while doing some retail therapy .
Save the date because this is the weekend for you to unwind and relax. Spend your day, with bags but no baggage. The day has been planned with love and is dedicated to kids and moms. There are many brands waiting to cater for you in baby-care, apparel, home decor, storage for moms and their darlings.
Retail Therapy For Little Kids
Retail Therapy For Little People
And if that was not all, there will be Interactive workshops, play area, fun and games, could you ask for more? so, shop till you drop your heart out. Head to the Apparel house for an exciting day with your little ones. Conceptualized by two moms who happen to be best friends, this is the place to have some fun with friends and your kiddos.
All about kids promises a fun filled and enriching experience for your kids and they would want to come back every year. The brands showcasing here have been handpicked with love to bring you the very best under one roof. So say goodbye to mundane-madness and say hello to a fun day.
We are going. Are You?
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