Who is Anmol Rodriguez? Meet this fiery, Determined and positive winning stree who does not believe in the word Impossible

Who is Anmol Rodriguez? Meet this fiery, Determined and positive winning stree who does not believe in the word Impossible

Anmol Rodriguez – This week’s winning stree is sort of close to my heart, not that the previous winning strees weren’t special. Yes they were, but we changed the questions especially for this stree. Anmol Rodriguez is not an unknown name. She is not only an acid victim survivor but also a social media influencer.

We didn’t want to keep on asking the same questions about how did it happen, what all did she go through once it happened and how did she survive. Instead, we decided to ask her about what makes her happy, positive message that she wants to give our other strees and more.

Anmol Rodriguez was two months old when her father doused her in acid during attack which killed her mother. She had to undergo several surgical procedures and lost an eye and her face became disfigured. Anmol also owns an NGO called Acid Attack Survivor Sahas Foundation. The NGO focuses on providing counseling and employment opportunities for the survivors of acid attacks and enables them to take care of their needs. 

Going against all odds, Anmol is a prime example of what it means to rise from such a harsh part. She has done a first commercial with none other than Ranveer Singh, has also acted in a short film called ‘Auntyji’ with veteran actor Shabana Azmi.

Anmol has over one lakh followers on her Instagram handle and is also a fashion icon.

  1. Your Winning Stree moment.

When I did a short film with Shabana ji and an ad film with Ranveer Singh that was my winning stree moment. So I never thought that I will work with such great actors with such a face. And since it’s a glamorous field I never thought that I will be considered to take up such roles. Since childhood, I had it in me where I used to act in front of my friends just to entertain them so when I got the opportunity I thought that this is something really unbelievable that’s happening to me. And it was like a dream come true. Because this society likes to see good looking faces on the screen. So I always thought why anyone would approach me for acting and modeling. And I love to pose as well; things fell in place for me.

2. Anmol, you are such a positive person even against all odds. At times women have everything, but rather than feeling satisfied and content in their lives, they still get depressed or stressed out, your message for them.

Don’t make your problems look big, there will always be ups and downs in your life. You will always experience troubles in your day to day life but face them with a positive outlook and smile. You should have the capability to solve your problems and have a fighting spirit. Be determined and sort it out with a relaxed mind and there is no way out by getting depressed or committing suicide. Just have a positive attitude.

3. The three things that you say to yourself Anmol when you wake up in the morning?

I am a very lazy person (smiles) so maybe not so early but when I  wake up I go to the bathroom and when wash my face and look in front of the mirror and telll myself that I look beautiful even with a just-out-of-the-bed-look, plan out my day and  have lately I started meditating also.

4. What makes you extraordinary?

In spite of having such a face, I never thought that it will stop me from achieving my dreams or I should just sit back at home and what will people think about me. I started doing what I love; I started posting my videos and images on social media.  Basically, I just follow what my heart told me to do.

5. You are a software developer and a fashion icon,what is another career option would you have chosen if given a choice?

I would have been a teacher because I like to guide my friends or motivate them when they are feeling low. I like to spread knowledge and make people aware.

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6.Your fashion tips for 2019

Wherever you are or wherever you go, just remember to wear outfits according to the weather and the environment of that city. That is one thing that you should be aware of, especially if you are travelling a lot. Otherwise just wear what you feel like, whatever you are comfortable in. Don’t try to copy anyone, stay original.  Fashion does not mean wearing designer level. And have the confidence to carry yourself.

7.What is that one thing that you do not step out of your house without?

My mobile (laughs) I feel like I am missing something in my life if I don’t carry it.  I feel incomplete and it becomes tragic when I am not carrying it. `

You can follow on her Instagram account by the name of anmol_rodriguez_official

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