Arising from the Dust

Arising from the Dust

“Moist were my eyes,

Sliced were my thoughts!

They told me, “I lost my Patience.”

I said, “Patience loses patience too!”


The Sun heard my cry

The moon hugged me every night

Charred was my body,

But, Not my Soul!

Arising From the Dust

This is a story about us, a story about leading a life of, ‘Phoenix’ every moment. Be it the soul within us or that neighbour girl who walked out of the patriarchal system or that grandmother who picked her long lost passion again. It’s a phoenix moment. A moment that would travel with us and within us for eons. A travel etched as an achievement in our memory folds of the brain.

Why am I awake when the Owls and vampires are done with their night shifts?

Is it the battle with eyes, to be wide awake or is it the fight with the sleeplessness?

Questions are many and the answer is a simple and straightforward one.

It’s all about the “Freedom!”

phoenix moment

Freedom a mother seeks for herself, freedom a wife craves for and that freedom, which is still an unacheivable goal. Sometimes it’s a reality flowing like that thin river through the hard rocks. Reaching the sea is an arising from the dust moment for that river.

And to this Dinosaur, it’s all about sharing her experiences in her page with her dear friend called, “Words,” an arising from the dust moment! It’s not about climbing up, it’s  always about traveling continuously with words to me. These words are like an Oasis. An oasis I visit when the natural satellite visits our earth. And when the white lady visits the sky, the shining apples are like a word staring at me to garland them into an experiences.

Meera Bharat

As the experiences flow, the Yakshi in me wakes up, it’s not only with me it’s also with Sita or Draupadi who are still awake in our souls, to rise from the dust.

The Yakshi in me dances and sings in the stories and poems I write, to give her those wings to fly with the wind of words and to arise like a Phoneix!

Meera V Barath

Meera is a wandering Dinosaur and Passionpreneur. She is an M.Sc in Psychology, NLP Master Practitioner, with 14 years of work experience in the Recruitment and HR with the Corporates, and currently working as a Trainer/Coach and an Enabler with the Institutions/Schools/ Organizations, using Neuro-linguistic Programming and Storytelling concepts as a tool.

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