Awakening The Humanity In Fashion – Rainna Goel With Her The Cur8ables

Awakening The Humanity In Fashion – Rainna Goel With Her The Cur8ables

‘Let’s change the world by revolutionizing the fashion need’ – Rainna Goel, The Cur8ables

According to Rainna Goel, fashion is not merely glitz & glam, it’s also worn with comfort, ease, and acceptance. The current pandemic has brought about a change in every mindset by making each one believe that buying better basics is the key to creating a timeless, practicable wardrobe.

2020 has had fashion designers answer and address various questions about the usability and implication of garments. We are now witnessing the fashion industry inch towards a more even-keeled focus on inclusivity, body positivity, functionality, and sustainability wherein designers are putting an effort to bring about diversified changes to their brands. They are making more meaningful strides by including significant demographics that have been neglected up till now, for instance, adaptive wear; such clothing is adapted to serve individual needs in terms of providing full comfort, protection, mobility, aesthetics, and expressive elements in order to increase efficiency, performance and break social barriers.

Cur8ables Collection

Most of the adaptive clothing available in the market is designed in order to assist the caretakers by reducing the physical strain during dressing and undressing people with disabilities. However, in situations where there is a lack of caretakers, the possibility of the person to put on and put off clothes was left uncatered. This explains why ready to wear adaptive clothing needs to provide appropriate ease and mobility in the absence of caretakers. Providing design solutions is therefore important to aid in independent living and also promoting self-esteem. 

Adaptive clothing includes zippers and velcros to provide easy put on, put off for patients while helping in boosting the confidence of a person by having the flexibility of quick and easy dressing. The demand for adaptive clothing is increasing by the day, while the national supply remains short and unexplored. Indian made adaptive wear was completely non-existent and there was a need for designers to understand this market.

Rainna Goel's Collection

This is when I came up with ‘The Cur8ables’, with a vision to promote the health and well-being of those with disabilities by designing and producing adaptive clothing. Other established brands and retailers should also step into this group and launch clothing lines for people with disabilities by incorporating 3D body scanning technology. Advanced textile research by using special fabrics that are antiviral and antimicrobial should also be explored. 

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Rainna Goel

I’m a 14-year-old student from Mumbai, India. I've been travel blogging for 3 years and am a travel book author, as well as an Indian record holder. You could google me (Rainna Goel). I recently launched an 'adaptive clothing brand’, creating fashionable clothes for the disabled and elderly. It’s an unexplored sector everywhere and its demand is quite high.

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