The #metoo campaign is doing rounds for all the right reasons and wrong reasons as well. Because there are men out there who have the audacity to tell you that some women are manipulating or are taking disadvantage of them in the name of the campaign.

I do not want to sound like a female version of Arnab Goswami and am not apologetic towards it but there are some things that I would like to point out.

Chetan Bhagat

If women are being open and bold about their thinking then they are termed as being available. That no matter what sort of indecent language is being used in front of these ‘types’ of women they should tolerate it! Since their thinking is so broad.

If a woman smiles or opens a conversation when with a man then she is either too fast or she’s the flirtatious type.

If she is talking openly about sex she is asked what position is her favorite and preferable to her in bed!

Author Chetan Bhagat had the audacity to ask a female erotica writer Sanjana Chowhan also the news editor at Mirror Now if has she ever tried any of the sexual fantasies that she has penned down in her books (which appear on Juggernaut). And do men get intimidated by her as she writes stories of this genre?

So it’s like asking a crime/murder mystery writer if she has committed crimes before penning them down. For that matter maybe JK Rowling must have experienced magic if she has written books on Harry Potter.

Sanjana like most of us women kept mum about it and tackled him while also showing Mr. Chetan Bhagat his place. It was only when things started going out of control did she release his Whats app messages on social media.

To prove his innocence, Chetan Bhagat justifies by saying he wanted to know why people write erotica and what is it that inspires them to write. He also goes on to say that the evidence that Sanjana has shown had been tampered with.

So this is a classic same old story in a new bottle. If the woman is doing something which is so bold and sassy means she is open to been asked the most pathetic questions and if she does not answer them means she’s hiding something.

And then she is hunted down and he counts himself as a victim who was innocent all along.

What I would like to tell Mr. Chetan Bhagat?

You have dug your own silly grave by putting up the excerpts of her book in your letter while also stating that the content is sexually explicit and is almost like porn. Probably, Mr. Bhagat, you do not know but there is no difference between porn and erotica. Erotica (in dictionary terms) means to describe a sexual activity that is intended to arouse sexual feelings.

Okay, one more last question, how would you feel if someone asked your wife a provocative question? So if your wife is a self-respecting woman. So is this erotica writer! I have nothing against your wife as a woman but asking questions regarding someone’s profession in such a manner is not done.

What I would like to tell Sanjana Chowhan?

As women, we all stand by you and we know that this is not a publicity stunt! And taking a stand towards sexual harassment (mentally) is the need of the hour. You do not know who is in awe of your strength and that never say die spirit!

Kudos to you!

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