Amazing Mindful gifts for your Valentines for Valentine’s week

Amazing Mindful gifts for your Valentines for Valentine’s week

The day of love & togetherness is here knocking at our door! Valentine’s Day as we all know it!! What’s being added to your basket of love, chocolates, flowers and gifts?

We’ve got you covered with gifts for Valentine like never before! Pick your favorite

  1. Memory Game – Let’s make dating fun with a little game of memory! Quirk your date night with this & add an essence of joy as you go!

Memory Game - White Light Elements


  1. Dream Wheel – “May all your dreams come true” in it’s quite literary sense! Help your partner manifest their dreams with the Dream Wheel. This tool works on the power of Visualization. Time to visualize your dreams, aspirations & a life together 🙂

Dream Wheel

  1. Cushion Covers – A relationship is all about building a life together. With these cushion covers with mindful words weaved into the fabric, build a home together & inculcate mindful values into your daily schedules!

Cushion Covers - White Light Elements

  1. Calm Coasters–Where there’s love, there’s also a loving banter! When in a fight, make yourself & your partner a warm cup of tea or coffee, and let these coasters help you remind yourself and your partner to Breathe Consciously & Relax!

Coasters - White Light Elements

  1. Gratitude Box – We’re all so thankful for our partners, it’s time to be thankful to them! For doing so much, loving so much & always helping us be better versions of ourselves, gift your partner this Gratitude Box with 21 Gratos (gratitude tokens)!

Gratitude Box

Make this Valentine’s Day merry with mindful gifts for your loved one that makes their heart flutter with joy!

We wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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