…a hug to a soul

I went to meet a relative in ICU -an old uncle from my husband’s side.
I saw him trying hard to sit upright on the hospital bed. He had gone all weak and frail. His body no more supported him to eat or drink.
However, like a fighter, he tried to talk… complaining about how it pained and how he hated it all

Love the one who hug your soul

We both knew in our hearts that we are meeting for the last time.
I could have done what everyone was doing… tell him that he shall be alright and force a few spoons of the clear soup saying that it will make him feel better

But our eyes met. I saw how he fought through the long years for a good life for his sons and daughters, for money and fame. How he worked hard for the regard he had gathered from the society.

I touched his forehead
“You have lived a beautiful healthy life. A life very complete. Now please relax and let go.

His stiff body heard it and I saw his arms slowly come down.
The head he tried hard to hold straight since last many days slowly rested back on the pillow. He blinked those tired eyes.

I caressed his head like a parent would to a child.
Next day we got the news of him leaving his body.
…may be the interaction meant nothing
..may be it was a soul connect.
…a hug to a soul

Author Priyanka Sagar Maheshwari

Priyanka Sagar Maheshwari

Priyanka is a mother of two and the founder of Park Balluchi Noida Sector 77. She is also the founder of Do More Be More a unit to encourage trainers and create a unique network of trainers! Her Moral of the story is to be a dream catcher, a happiness generator, a change maker, a hope creator, and a soul searcher. For her learning the art of story telling is a must. BE A STORY TELLER is what she believes in!!

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