In Conversation with Sangeeta Ahuja, Urban Interiors – A Lady Boss in a Man’s World
Sangeeta Ahuja

In Conversation with Sangeeta Ahuja, Urban Interiors – A Lady Boss in a Man’s World

Ever so inspiring and an Interior Designer with a purpose, she is a humble soul, a doting mom and completely family oriented, yet her work is her worship! When she sets her foot on priorities, work wouldn’t ever take a back seat for her!! That is how much dedicated and passionate she is towards designing homes or other spaces!! She will call a spade a spade and never ever will give any false commitments out to her clients.
Receiving Award
Sangeeta Receiving Award
A beauty with brains, we got lucky to get into a conversation with her! Presenting Sangeeta Ahuja, founder Urban Interiors, a very senior and seasoned entrepreneur and our 1st WinningStree of the Week of a new year 2020 and a new decade.
With Subhash Ghai
Sangeeta with Subhash Ghai
1. Who are you and how are you into what you do?
“As a little girl you start living your dream and as a woman you start fulfilling those same dreams! Yes, that’s me Sangeeta Ahuja, an Interior designer by profession and a mother of two beautiful daughters 13 & 5.”
With her Daughters
With her Daughters
“As an independent 19-year-old with a relentless passion for design, I received an opportunity to design a friends living room. This modest step created a teenage Entrepreneur out of me. Now with over fifteen years of continuous practical work experience and extensive knowledge we at Urban Interiors have satisfied clients.”
2. Tell Us About Your Journey…
“My Father is an engineer by profession and a business man. A self-made entrepreneur that he is, he won several awards in 1994/97 which were my growing years.  I still significantly remember that I couldn’t attend his award ceremony as I had very important lecturers to attend. So, in the entire family picture I was missing and at that moment, I promised myself, I will make myself worthy of every award and every achievement.”
Sangeeta’s Parents
“I have always believed that I am a born winner. I hold a B.Sc in Interior Design and also several other Interior Design Diploma’s with Project Management and Furniture Designing from reputed colleges and Institutes. To add feather to my cap, God has been very kind in rewarding me consistently for all the hard-work I have been able to put through with my parents support.”
Happy Family
Picture Perfect
“My College Dean offered me the post of HOD of the same college I completed my education from! Aah that respect of sitting on the HOD chair from where once in my education days I received compliment from my then HOD that it comes from my father in my genes, still gives me the shivers.”
Motivation Rules
Motivation Rules
“The sleepless nights when for half a mark making sheets again and again for perfection made me Diligent. Everything and my parents support and guidance has made me what or who I am today and certainly defined my journey!”
3. Difficulties you faced when fulfilling your dreams/aspirations…
“Interior designing is a very responsible field. Clients trust you with their hard-earned savings to be invested in their dream home where they start making memories or in their commercial spaces where they earn their livelihood or accolades. They pay us to spend their earnings wisely.”
Your Home Your Taste
Beautiful Living By Urban Interiors
“This keeps me at my toes forever as I believe in one to one interaction, in commitment, in honest and sincere work  and that is the most difficult part in this profile. It is glamorous and yet very hardworking. The needs and availability of materials, clients, exposure, choices, opinions, budget have to be all balanced at once. Simultaneously to sell your design you have to learn to adapt to it first with full confidence and then deliver.”
4. How has the journey been so far?
“Since I turned 19 till about 23 years of age, its been a roller coaster ride for me. New clients, new challenges, learning the tricks of market, survey, purchases, travelling across to study the latest in the field so as to stay updated, trying to make schedules for startups and handover project dates was all the key responsibility areas for me. Apart from this I learnt building rules to follow for my business to have an organised working system in place.”
In her Teens
“Born and brought up in South Delhi had all together a different level of perfection and performance criteria. I set up  my office step by step with self earnings. Met with an accident while I had to submit the final thesis. I remember going to college in broken pieces. Oh! what a journey it has been! Thinking about this is taking me through so many ups and downs which are worthy to look back today. All the pain was worth!”
Sangeeta in her Office
The Seasoned Entrepreneur
“I am sure anyone reading this will go back 20 years in their lives!! The journey of life filled with good and bad times will come up in a flash for all of you! The emotions so strong without knowing where to start and where to stop. That’s life!”
5. How committed are you to your passion?
“Suddenly, this question reminds me of year 2006! It was my wedding Mehandi ceremony and I had to hand over a prestigious project at Sundar Nagar Market at Delhi. I handed over the keys for the completed project at 5.30 pm and then drove back home for the ceremony.”
The Bride
The Bride Who Worshiped Work
“Then again I get reminded of the time when I was blessed with my elder daughter in my first year of marriage and at no point could have given break to practice of consultancy and vanish as projects were all around NCR. I used to drive to Kamla Nagar and Delhi University for project supervisions! As with excuses you can’t grow. One week after her birth, born by cesarean, I was back in routine. It was a very emotional decision for me but you have to learn to live it, to prove you are strong and can balance it!!”
A Doting Mom
A Doting Mom
“This is the time and point where I had got an opportunity which I mentioned earlier of being an HOD of my own college. Same time another prestigious institute hired me for taking design lessons in the morning 7.30 AM batch. Those were some fruitful days of my life. A professional, new mother and now sharing my experiences with other budding Interior designers to teach them how to grow and see the real world was a great feeling! I taught them life skills on how to survive with daily routine challenges when you are bound to skip meals or skip your morning walks!”
Sangeeta Ahuja
Sangeeta Ahuja
“A lady boss in a Man’s world! Helping clients spend earnings on luxury which is a need now ! Had an amazing 4 years experience teaching as a Guru and balancing my practice as a Full-Time Design Consultant.”
6. That WinningStree Moment…
“Now is my time when clients introduce me as Sangeeta Ahuja the renowned Interior designer of top notch homes and bespoke commercial projects, a brilliant business woman, they say, she’s got vibrant aura, delightful energy about her that makes you want to be in her company always. That gives me the confidence for the next level.”
A classic Lamp Shade
A Classic Lamp Shade
“Working on concepts to create timeless and understated elegance whilst fusing the east and the west. Meaning the eastern principles of simplicity and the western taste of sumptuous textures and luxury finishes. My brand Urban Interiors delivers in Giving life to empty spaces creating Happy homes! Happy Clients! Happy Life!”
7. What Makes You Extraordinary?
“I try to first discuss in details with client’s before starting the project explaining how to exactly create a space that never goes out of style .It requires objects that reflect the owner’s character,consider the location of the property and sense of place ,this often dictates what styles and materials are appropriate.”
Living Room
Living Room
“With rising temperature,the fragrance for your space has to be light and fresh.A successfully designed space should be planned down to smallest details this helps to create good storage’s. It’s the key to well designed homes. Instead of always following the latest trend decorate with timeless pieces you love.”
8. Three words you say to yourself in front of the mirror?
“I am a Born Winner!”
9. Winning Message to Other Strees?
At the WinningStree Annual Meet
At the WinningStree Annual Meet
“The Kind Of Beauty, We as women Want Most Is The Hard-to-get Kind That Comes From Within-strength, Courage, & Dignity. Believe in yourself! “
10. Your Favorite Quote that you believe in?
“I Figure, If A Girl Wants To Be A Legend, She Should Go Ahead And Be One.”
11. Where do you operate from and how can you be reached?
I have two office setups @okhla and @ faridabad
Urban Interiors
Urban Interiors


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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