Interior Design Trends 2020 – Re-Define your Homes with Live Fabulous by Richa Mongia

Interior Design Trends 2020 – Re-Define your Homes with Live Fabulous by Richa Mongia

Oh, the joys of the New beginnings… New Aspirations… come bundled with the dawn of New Year!!! As we take last rotation around the sun, we all create new resolutions, set new goals, and of course, seek out new trends. So we thought to come up with some latest interior design trends of 2020 for you…

As we go all out and dress in the trendy outfits, stylish footwear, statement accessories to celebrate our new self !!! But then our homes deserve the same kind of attention too. Infusing our spaces with what’s trending can be tricky, but in 2020 we’ve got you covered with these some exciting interior design trends!!!

Below is a list of 7 quick Interior Design Trends that will have your Home stand out!!

1. Sustainable & Eco-friendly Design

With global warming soaring high, it’s so good to see our community gravitating towards more Eco-friendly lifestyles. Sustainability, too, is on everyone’s mind. So, the top trendsetter would be to avoid plastics or synthetics, instead, use reclaimed materials or even second-hand pieces. Call it Eco-conscious chic!!

Eco Friendly Interior Design Trends 2020
Eco-Friendly Designs

Statement pieces in Rattan/Wicker that would take you to your childhood are back… But don’t you think its old school. It has made a comeback, evolved in fresh and exciting ways!! Chairs, Tables, Sideboards, Lighting, Beds. You’ll see this more in 2020!!

2. Biophilic Design that Connects Us to Nature Directly or Indirectly

In a world where technology is evolving at the speed of light, we need surroundings that remind us of our roots. Adding a biophilic design is proven not only to improve our mental and physical health but also to add a low-maintenance living wall or an easy to install bio montage wall to that little corner of our home makes your space
beautiful while helping the environment and ecosystem.

Biophilic Design - Interior Design Trends 2020
Biophilic Design

Real Plants are replacing Faux Plants, I agree they need care. But, having a real plant connects you to nature and adds personality to space. In 2019 with the pollution index rising, many of us welcomed indoor air purifying plants more than Electric Purifiers. And these interior design trends continue in 2020!!! Can we say, Thank God for that !!

3. Colors that will be Dominating Interior Design Trends 2020

We have already started seeing the shift from “grey on grey” towards color, and in 2020 we’ll see colors becoming warm saturated hues, richer and more jewel-toned. These colors will not only be restricted to walls but also on tiles, furniture, floors adding warmth and texture!!!

Brown Effects - Interior Design Trends 2020
Brown Effects

Brown is definitely back. You’ll see the use of different grains in wood in one space accented with plum, rust, coral, aubergine, mint and old gold. Another trend of Washing the room in one shade on walls, ceiling, trims can make space look chic and enveloping!!

Daughter's Room Hues - Interior Design Trends 2020
Daughter’s Room Hues

I’m so excited to see these colors return Emerald tone cabinet, terracotta walls, rustic mint bed, pine floors – these are all things we’re working within our projects now.

4. Perfection is Out in 2020

Yeah, you heard me right !!! With changing times and awakening of new era… people are realizing that well-designed homes should look, well, as you live in them…

Home Sweet Home - Interior Design Trends 2020
Home Sweet Home

Shiny high-maintenance décor, Guestrooms that are hardly used, spaces where you don’t allow your kids to play, or those decorative accessories that are just show off are a passé now!! Instead, a home in 2020 should be your escape from all the chaos. A cozy abode that invites the family to Come Together…. Live Together!!

Children Make Homes Livelier - Interior Design Trends 2020
Children Make Homes Livelier

And to design a home that is loved by all the genders, all the age generations will not be defined as one design style… Instead, it will be inspired to mix old and new to create rooms with more character that mixes different styles and periods.

5. Multi-functional Spaces

We love to design homes that give joy to people living in it!! With everyone demanding for their individual space, multi-functional arrangements are now, not only restricted to smaller homes… Instead, it’s becoming imperative to design a home that efficiently utilizes each inch of the space. Whether its rooms, kitchen, utility storage or closets…

Storage Utility - Interior Design Trends 2020
Storage Utility

People do come to us with so much unused space in the house that needs re-organizing. So, even if it means organizing closets to make space for your cuff-links, converting that extra bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe or living area to function as a guest room if the need arises, is something that you’ll see in trend in 2020.

6. Wallpapers

The trend for wallpaper is hotter than ever!!
Beautiful designs, Fascinating patterns, Intriguing textures, Easy to install, Camouflage many surface imperfections, Adds warmth, depth, and style to the room… I can go on and on for why you should choose wallpapers over paint, any day.

Wall Paper on Kid's Room - Interior Design Trends 2020
Wall Paper on Kid’s Rooms

No matter what you’re likes are…. you can easily find the one that will express your style… But 2020 is bolder than ever, so you’ll see bolder prints for that mega transformation. What more you’ll see is the entire room enveloped in wallpaper or wallpaper on furniture or even in powder rooms!!

7. Handmade/Bespoke Furniture

The world is harsh and cold enough these days, so people are looking for spaces that let them connect to important things in life which exudes personality and elegance.

Chandelier With Handmade Effect - Interior Design Trends 2020
Chandelier With Handmade Effect

So instead of a mass-produced product or simple catalog offerings. Bespoke will be preferred, which will take home décor to the next level.

Bespoke Buddha Design - Interior Design Trends 2020
Bespoke Buddha Design

So go ahead, proudly hang your DIY projects, the painting was done by your young kid, Handmade home décor products in Macramé, Handmade tiles, Wooden shelves or everything that you treasure… that you love !!

Love what you see or read? Richa Mongia, Founder Live Fabulous an inspiring WinningStree and an expert interior designer from Delhi/NCR curated this article for our readers as a part of the win from the Karwachouth Contest last season! To follow her, join at

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Richa Mongia - Interior Design Trends 2020
Richa Mongia – Founder of Live Fabulous


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