“Believe In Yourself And Dream BIG” An Interview With Author Shuchi Kapoor

“Believe In Yourself And Dream BIG” An Interview With Author Shuchi Kapoor

An ardent blogger and author, Shuchi Kapoor has been associated with women related issues and forums for a few years and tries to contribute in whatever minuscule way that she can. Blessed with two kids and a wonderful husband, they take up the remaining waking hours while the night is spent spinning new stories in her dreams!!!

Shuchi Kapoor

Excerpts From Shuchi Kapoor’s Interview:

1. Tell us about your journey

The journey started in an alternate reality where B Com (Hons.) and Post Graduation in Human Resources ruled my universe. A brief but successful career as an HR professional gave me joy before I quit the corporate world to experience motherhood.

I have been reading ever since I could decipher alphabets and my favorite hobby has been spinning epilogues for my favorite books/dramas/stories. The inception of “Love Inc.” was a result of combining these two. Today, life is exciting with a brimful of stories threatening to spill out of me.

2. Tell us about your book. Why is it that you chose to write this story? What intrigued you the most?

Love Inc. is a classic romance story, the genre which I have grown up reading. I wish I could say that I chose to write it but the truth is that once I penned down the first few lines, the characters took over and sketched their own tale.

For me, the most interesting bit was Gayatri’s imperfection. In most romantic stories, we have the female protagonist portrayed as a perfect woman, a martyr. In Love Inc, Gayatri is not only indecisive but also an escapist till she is forced to face the truth and its consequences. That sort of made it quite related to human nature.

Shuchi Kapoor signing her book Love Inc.

3. If you were not an author, what role would you have donned?

Can not think of being anything else…being an author feels like a natural culmination of my attributes.

4. That Winning Stree moment?

I have a Facebook page titled, Confessions of a Married Woman. The blog deals with the issues of an average woman living in current times and has true accounts narrated to me by people around.

Initially, the title and its content kept a lot of people at bay, maybe due to the closeted society that we live in. But slowly we gained readership not just nationally but also internationally…today there are more than 30k women following and contributing to the page and that feels like a WIN.

5. Three words you say to yourself when you are in front of the mirror

Dream big, work harder, don’t give up

6. The winning message of Shuchi Kapoor to other women?

Don’t be scared to follow your dreams, don’t undersell yourself, recognize and respect your potential

7. What makes you extraordinary?

The fact that I am more than the sum of my achievements and failures…

8. Women are objectified in every field and department. Your comments.

It’s so intrinsically woven into the fabric of our circumstances, that we are taken aback if it doesn’t happen. The fact that we are trying to shatter glass ceilings in almost every field gives me hope that maybe in a few decades, the women will be recruited, recognized, and rewarded solely on the basis of their potential and performance.

Till then, we need to persevere and constantly raise our voice against such stereotyped practices.

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