Choco House Chocolates are an integral part of our lives, especially during celebrations. And why shouldn’t it be? A look of it can bring back smiles on our faces, kids absolutely swear by them and they are also our best friends when we feel low and need to be boosted.

This Diwali we present to you our very own Choco girl who always has something chocolaty on the platter. She is a Theme based designer chocolatier who is also a Bronze Winner at Aahar India, an Amazon Best Selling Author, Trainer, EX-IT Professional, and now our Winning Stree.

Choco House Owner Smriti Bhatia

Meet Smriti Bhatia, the Chocolatier and owner at Choco House

1. Who are you and how are you into what you do?

“I am Smriti Bhatia by name, IT professional for 13 years by background, and turned into a Designer Chocolatier by entrepreneurship for the last 8 years. Who am I – God’s child on earth and a chocolatier spreading happiness with my chocolaty creations.”

2. Tell us about your Journey?

“We started in 2010, with the whole purpose of creating a new chocolate world, the mission to spread joy and happiness through chocolates, standing out via out of the box innovations, creating themes and designs, playing with flavors, to ensure that we are different from other handmade chocolatiers.”

“I never wanted to do “JUST” chocolates and hence came all of this my way. Research to support my designer thoughts and dreams, to actually put through the ideas and concepts into execution day in and out, procurement to depict the ideas, to make the complete use of passion and positive energy into a beautiful jaw-dropping outcome has been my journey.”

“By now Choco House has 500 plus flavors and themes, designs you can drool over, eco-friendly packs, healthy range of chocolates, Indian range of chocolates, tangy and spicy chocolates, vegan range of chocolates, sugar-free chocolates, fusion range, Chocolate Ganesh and much more.”

3. Where Do You Stand as A Chocolatier with Choco House?

“We at Choco House are creatively working towards creating a whole new experience of a chocolate world. To achieve this, we keep inventing new recipes every week and new designs every fortnight. Chocolates are not only milk, dark, white, or Belgian is what our whole new power-packed ranges including ayurvedic, healthy, Indian or sugar-free, etc. to name a few prove. And if that was not enough, we are forever innovating with fusion dishes blending anything and everything with chocolates.”

Choco House

“We also have Vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free range of chocolates for people who are allergic to lactose, want to be on a non-dairy diet, or want a plant-based diet, or prefer only natural sweeteners, or a gluten-free diet. We serve our clients in environment-friendly and bio-degradable chocolate packs and designer hampers. Also, we offer never seen before chocolate live counters in any parties and events.

SIABA the academy under Choco House provides interactive sessions on chocolate making specializing in conducting theme-based chocolate classes where attendees get to make chocolates themselves. The classes also happen at a specified location of interest to the attendee’s basis for their convenience and availability.

Choco House

Being the founder of Choco House and with the idea of bringing chocolates closer to people in every way possible, I have also published a book that acts as an encyclopedia to chocolate lovers and crowns me with the glory of being an author of a best-selling book on Amazon. It is called, “The Chocolate Alphabet” and is an Amazon eBook bestseller.”

Choco House

4. That winning Stree moment

I do feel like a winner with every milestone that I achieve, however, two special instances are:

– When I was awarded at the Aahar India Culinary forum that is held every year at Pragati Maidan, Delhi with a Bronze Medal for my delicious edibles. A place that is frequented globally by chefs to participate and is known as a dream place for people belonging to the culinary world.

– When customers or clients reach out to us saying “We want only your chocolates as we are here for customization, quality, something new and taste.”

5. Three words you say to yourself when in front of the mirror

I keep changing the words hence are not fixed 🙂

6. Winning message to other women…

“Stay motivated, be positive, and loving – that is the inherent nature we all have. Strong and determined, do anything for yourself and your loved ones or people at work. happiness in whatever form is the ultimate.

Ups and downs are part of life but try always to bring faith back. Downs shall happen, no need to overreact. Everyone will say don’t do this and that and give all the Gyan, let them advise, listen to them, and adapt only the good ones you also firmly believe in. Rest follow your guidance and intuition. Because at the end only you know what you are passing through so let it pass through at its own pace. Just divert your mind and you will come out of it either now or later. Don’t over push yourself.”

7. Difficulties you faced when fulfilling your dreams/aspirations?

“Initially the juggle between IT Job and business when they were managed in parallel. Eventually the investment and financials (how much and where), overtime to constantly support my innovations and creations via raw material and branding. Sometimes difficult clients and scaling up and up. Honestly, I take all of them as learnings so they are an important part to learn and grow. Later in life, one always remembers and laughs over them.”

8. What makes you extraordinary…

Choco House

“My belief system, my passion, my positive energy, zeal, and enthusiasm. They want to do everything in life in style and differently.”

9. Your Favorite quote that you believe in…

Being an author-written it myself – “Believe in yourself, have faith, love, live, sacrifice, help wherever possible. Follow your heart on this journey of life, motivate others and yourself by doing things you like, work hard and hardest. But relax too as life is a musical note and you need to play it your best.”

An addiction that becomes bliss and happiness that melts in your mouth! Devour into beautiful creations by Choco House this Diwali for that ultimate chocolaty experience.

Where can she be reached?


Mobile: 9899924610


FaceBook – Choco-House-Zero-Resistance


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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