6 Leadership Qualities In Kritika Prasad Ranjan That Brings Out The Maa Durga in Her

6 Leadership Qualities In Kritika Prasad Ranjan That Brings Out The Maa Durga in Her

Durga Puja is the greatest festival of all time!! It is the festival of joys from the togetherness of close loved ones and of celebrations of being victorious over evil! It is about worshiping the Shakti which creates the entire universe and binds it together and destructs any malice towards her creations. “Shakti” flows consciously through every particle and is the life force of every being – living or dead. She is the mother of the whole of creation. She becomes the nurturer of her creation and punishes the miscreants from time to time who cause harm to her child. We should learn the leadership qualities from Maa Durga and inculcate in our lives.
While the goddess inculcates great devotion in us, her aura, personality, her story, and her very being offers us some very profound life lessons that hold a wealth of meaning to her devotees. 6 leadership lessons or qualities that Maa Durga has embedded in her makes her a true leader and the creating power of this entire universe! We all as females should definitely follow on Maa’s (Supreme Mother’s) footsteps. Durga was a WinningStree and in our quest to find the real-life Durga, we come across Kritika Prasad Ranjan, who is an ardent Durga devotee and possesses these Durga-able leadership qualities in her
Fearlessness & Inner Strength – The word Durga, from the root word ‘durgam’ itself, embodies fearlessness.

Q1. How Fearless Are You In Real Life Kritika?

Leadership Qualities
I have always been an outspoken, uninhibited, and unabashedly fearless child. I am definitely not the one to take any wrongs easily, be that to me or anyone else. Interrupting the wrongdoer right in their steps and being a whistleblower without the fear of coming to limelight or picking up enemies has never bogged me down.
Coming to being fearless with my inner self and going forward with my dreams and taking on challenges life throws on me has been the source of constant strength for me. Knowing my limitations and yet conquering each obstacle and overcoming my inner fears is satisfaction for me.
Multi-tasking- Durga Maa with her eight hands epitomizes the word ‘multi-tasking.’

Q2. What All Do You Multi-Task Together?

A full-time Mother, Homemaker, wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a businesswoman, a designer, a traveler, an Entrepreneur, an employer, an advisor, a financer, a philanthropist, and above all being myself!
I try to give my best to all the roles that I am playing in my life with my leadership qualities. What will come my way after giving it my best, all depends on how others perceive my inputs and feelings. I on my part know that I am giving it my all. To quote Shakespeare, all the world’s a stage and we are mere actors playing our leadership roles!
Vision & Equanimity – Notice any idol or statue of Goddess Durga – The most prominent feature that arrests our attention is her beautiful, calm and serene, big yet watchful eyes. She has a 360 degree vision so as to know her goal and is watchful about it.

Q3. How Much Farsighted Are You With Your Short Term Goals And Long Term Goals?

Frankly speaking, we all have a well-defined goal in life, I do too. But to have farsightedness so much that it starts affecting your present is just not me. I would rather be in the moment and enjoy what I am doing. Maa Durga knows what is in store for all of us. So, for me to overthink and spoil my present over things I don’t have control over, doesn’t please me.
Even if I am making tea, I have learned to be myself and be with myself in those 10 minutes. To make the tea, feel the aroma, see it boil to perfection, see the tea leaves leaving the mark on milk, and then pouring it out in my favorite cup and enjoying every sip of it is my idea of being happy, a small goal achieved at that moment.
Adaptability – Goddess Durga comes to us in 9 different forms on the 9 days of Navratri. So, she is ready to don a different hat for different situations in life. She teaches us a major life lesson namely, “Be yourself but adapt your style, tone, stance, manner and involvement as per the situation on hand.”

Q4. How Adaptable You Are To Changes? How Do You Fit In Two Various Roles In Life?

I am a very adaptable woman. I know when to shift gears and switch my roles. Conflict of interest does creep up but I do handle the situation coolly.
Knowing how to prioritize things define how well we switch roles. When I know my family is important, nothing can hamper me from giving my best to them, and when I know I am working, I am a totally different person altogether.
Be your own Strong Link –  Like the Supreme Mother binds millions of hearts together in worship and faith. We all should be the bridge which brings people closer. 

Q5. Are You The Binder Who Weaves All People Together? How Do You Do That?

I am a very social person, be it among my friends, my husband’s circle, or even family.
Growing up in a close-knit family, I have a habit of loving the feeling of being surrounded by many people. I want people to bond together, even if it means my brother and brother in law having a beautiful friendship because of me.
Also, I love to take everyone together in each endeavor of mine. I love the laughter, the banter, and the feeling of fullness in the house and around me! It gives me a feeling of security as I am definitely scared of being lonely. Being with everyone gives me a sense of completion.
Leadership is gender independent – Remember, when all other powerful Gods failed to stop Mahishasura, the only one who could vanquish the unconquerable was Goddess Durga a beautiful yet powerful female who rode a lion. 

Q6. Have You Worked Towards Curbing Gender Bias? How Gender Independent Are You? Give A Befitting Reply To The Existence Of Gender Bias Towards Women!

Gender equality is something that I have seen since my childhood days when my parents wanted only two girl childs and celebrated our arrival with gusto. Never have they made me feel less in any way. Being gender neutral for me is important as a mother and wife too.
I am raising my son to be someone who respects both the genders be it male or female. It is important to have an environment at home where parents inculcate these values early on.
On a social level, our Akanksha Samiti (IAS wives association) is working towards uplifting Women and plans to carry out mass programs in the pipeline for the betterment and Empowering Women in SHGs and tribal areas.
Durga teaches us that power and energy itself are feminine in nature. The same energy can become life-giving or life-taking. Kritika shows us how much influenced she is by Durga, the deity herself, and how her divine qualities embedded in Kritika awaken the Durga within her!! Every woman is a pillar of Shakti, it’s a matter of time before they realize their true potential and aim for the stars!
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Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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