Learn To Grow Your Self Worth Wings While Being Caged In A Bad Marriage

Learn To Grow Your Self Worth Wings While Being Caged In A Bad Marriage

Self-worth, Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love! Ever heard these words? Being a woman, these must be last on your priority list. The societal onslaught on women is too much demanding and disadvantageous. Burdened by family demands, societal pressures, and other external demands, their full potential is limited from early on.

Girls are asked to be nice while boys can be boys. Girls face gender bias with the ask of conduct which is girlish according to societal norms. It happens when they are asked to avoid fights, avoid aggressive behavior, or even sports, avoid confronting their brothers or husbands, and maintain peace at the cost of their dreams. 

Find Your Self Worth

Every time a girl is asked to behave to pacify gender stereotypes, they are viewed as less competitive, while their counterparts who revolt are considered unfeminine. How unfair is that?

In these complex times where we are forced to stay indoors and have each and every comfort of our homes. We women still are mentally out most of the time. Have you ever imagined the plight of those women who are married but still not comfortable by their so-called married life?

She sometimes feels trapped and caged in her own house because earlier she used to get busy with her job/ professional life but now she has never-ending jobs, a long list there for her to attend! On-going online webinars, online client meetings, and she is the one who has to do all her household chores too! Why because “Ghar ka kaam to aurtein karti hai?

She has to deal with this so-called male dominancy and male chauvinist mentality. She accepts it and learns to live with it. Does all that she can do at her level best. Why? Sometimes because she saves herself from unnecessary fights and sometimes because she wants to prove herself as a GOOD WOMAN.

The inner child inside that woman says DON’T DO THIS AND DON’T GIVE IN! But she chooses to ignore her and tells her,


How many of us who are women really go through this in our lives? Almost every one of us at some point in our lives might have felt such a thing of feeling abused, of feeling unworthy of love, and on the verge of entering depression! We can feel it but it is only we who have to be blamed for this and not anyone else! Why? Because you chose to ignore your self-esteem, self-worth, and gave in!

If you ignore your self-worth, who else will stand up for you? To all those women who decide to love others before themselves! You are emotionally abusing yourself unconsciously!

How to deal with this?  The answer is self-evaluating and planning. Make a list of activities that you need to do on a daily basis. Don’t leave any minute detail just because that activity takes only 5 minutes of your time to schedule. Do add it to the list.

Make another list of how do you wish to spend your me-time. Add your sleep hours too. ME time is equal to self-loving and pampering time. Now collaborate both the lists and schedule your entire day. Keep your ME time as the first and last activity of the day.

Apply these changes in your life whether it is lockdown or not. Don’t lock your heart in even if you are asked to be locked inside your house. Remember you are your own sweetheart and the rest of the world comes later.

Neeta Mehta

Passionate about life, confident and smiling in spite of being differently-abled, I'm a Master Life Coach with, mastery in linguistic artistry and hypnotic conversation. I hold an International certification in Emotional Intelligence and I help people struggling to get emotional and financial stability.

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