Beat The Monsoon Blues & Ready With Monsoon Home Care Tips From Ritu Deshpande

Beat The Monsoon Blues & Ready With Monsoon Home Care Tips From Ritu Deshpande

The Monsoon season is finally here! It’s time to celebrate as the sky opens up and the rain lashes out on earth cooling it down with some heavy downpour! What a respite from that scorching sun and soaring temperatures throughout summers! While rains are really welcoming and call for a gathering of tea and fried pakoras. It also is a time when people like to let their hair down. Find that cozy corner of their houses to do nothing and simply rest with these monsoon home care tips.

As you lose interest in dressing up or going back to your energetic selves owing to the onset of monsoons. Let us remind all that Monsoon is actually an accurate season to organize a cheerful day. And dress up in some fashionable hues to get back to your regular chores be it at work or home.

The rainy season is also that perfect time to add some freshness in the form of bright colors to your home though maintaining your home in the monsoon’s can often be a task. But keep the blues at bay and check out how best you can be ready with monsoon home care tips.

Beat The Monsoon Blues & Ready With These Monsoon Home Care Tips

  1. To begin with, buy a large, thick doormat, on which you may walk for at least 3 steps. Place it near the main door and if your house has more than one balconies, then place similar size doormats outside each of them. By this you can avoid taking your footwear inside your rooms and can restrict them to the entrance. This will also help in keeping the dampness and dirt outside your house.

Monsoon Home Care Tips - Door Mats

  1. During monsoon, the moisture level is very high in the air, and in closed windows, it is important to keep your home odor-free. Buy some scented candles and remember to light them for a few hours every day. By this you can help in keeping your house smelling fragrant and refreshing.

  1. Flowers could be a great source of keeping your spirits high in monsoon. Therefore, add some fresh seasonal flowers and floral elements to the Home Decor as well. Add some new vases with fresh flowers and take out your floral cushions.


  1. Yellow is the color of freshness. Try bringing in some yellow into your home this monsoon. This is an essential tip for monsoon home care tips. Besides adding freshness, yellow is a beautiful, happy color and the perfect contrast to the monsoon mood. Pastel greens and hints of pinks and blues could also be alternate choices to the rooms. Accents of just one color may bring boredom as the weather can be dynamic at times – cloudy or rainy – a varied color plotter complements the dynamism of the atmosphere.


  1. What other best you could do to your living rooms but to mandate the change of your curtains & linen during this romantic season, The Monsoon. Get some pink sheer curtains as they allow light to make its way helping the inside brighten up.

Monsoon Home Care Tips - Pink Curtains

  1. Monsoon demands packing away those thick carpets! When it comes to the floors, use rugs instead, and put away your carpets, especially if the house is compact. Synthetic floor mats can be machine washed and dried easily which makes it a sensible choice.
  2. The same rule would apply to the cushions and bright accessories in your living room as well as bedrooms. Avoid using dark colors like red and orange in this cloudy weather. The choice of some bright color of your taste to your dining table with interesting table mats and table covers would also brighten up the moods.


There are some really awesome Monsoon Home Care Tips to follow this monsoon that will make you wait for the rains every year. Our In-House Interiors Expert Ritu Deshpande has many such unique designs and ideas on her mind. Go to her for your Home Décor and make your house Monsoon-Friendly!

Author – Ritu Deshpande


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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