Delhi Blogger Surabhi Lal Crowned Mrs. India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen During COVID-19

Delhi Blogger Surabhi Lal Crowned Mrs. India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen During COVID-19

Surabhi Lal is an Award-Winning Beauty Blogger and a Virtual Artist from New Delhi and now the proud winner of the Title “Mrs India Universe Quarantine Queen 2020” a virtual pageant conducted in the times of COVID19. She also won the Sub Title – Mrs Talented at the Virtual Pageant for her Three Fluid Art Paintings made under 2 minutes!! Having won her first beauty pageant as young as 16, Surabhi Lal was crowned as Winner of May Queen and Miss Resort Country Club. She has also conferred the titles “Miss Beautiful Complexion” and “Miss Photogenic” at the May Queen Ball at Resort Country Club. 

Surabhi Lal was also the Lux Ambassador Global Blogger for Lux Soaps. Only 13 bloggers around the world were selected for it and she was the face of Lux from India. She also has been recently selected as the Brand Ambassador for Sopfeel Cosmetics Paris, France. She has collaborated with many premium and luxury brands over the years as a blogger and has a never-ending list to her kitty! An MBA in HR & Marketing with a Master Diploma in Fashion and Graphic Design, Surabhi Lal has recently completed her Fevicryl Professional Certification. Meet this gorgeous WinningStree of the Week!

Surabhi Lal - Mrs. India Universe Quarantine 2020

Who are you and how are you into what you do?

Hello readers, my name is Surabhi Lal and I am an awarded beauty blogger, content creator & virtual artist. I have recently won the title of “Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen” Platinum – (Season 2).  I will also be participating in the “Mrs India Universe 2020” Pageant to be held in Nov – Dec 2020 in Durban, South Africa which will be made into a Web-series to be featured on the OTT Platform. 

Tell us about your journey…

I was a print model since the age of 16 and I have won many beauty contests including May Queen & Miss Delhi Perfect 10.  I also worked with a lot of brands even then and I was selected as the cover girl for magazines like Women’s Era & Grihshobha. I also did a lot of print ads for brands back then from Toothpaste to Apparel. I started blogging way back in 2011 as a beauty & lifestyle blogger when very few people in India knew about blogging and Instagram and my blog became really famous soon. A lot of premium brands approached me to collaborate with my blog and Instagram. 

 Lux Collaboration of Surabhi Lal

Lux Soaps, Singapore approached me in 2016 to be their Global Brand Ambassador (Blogger). The other brands that I have worked with recently were MG Hector “The Internet Car” which was a collaboration for their launch event. Over the years I have collaborated with brands like Zoya Jewels by Tata, Foltene Pharma, Asus Zenfone 5 & Zenfone 2, Pampers, Wella Professionals, Medimix Soaps, Dabur Vatika Hair Oil, Dabur Oxylife Bleach, Spinz De-Tan Cream, Jabong, Flipkart, eBay, Lakme School of Style, American Swan, Birla Sunlife Insurance, Pepperfry App, Picpal App,,, Bacca Bucci Shoes, Birla Sunlife Insurance. I was also a celebrity beauty blogger/ content creator for Frankly Me App and #Fame App.

I always wanted to participate in the Mrs. India pageant and by the grace of God, I got lucky and got an opportunity to participate in the “Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen-  A Virtual Pageant” in the times of COVID-19. This pageant is divided into 2 sub-levels first you have to win the crown from your city as Mrs. “your city” and then you get the opportunity to participate in Mrs India Universe. There are two age group categories Gold & Platinum. I was declared as the winner of the title Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen (Platinum) Season as there was no sub-event in any city this year because of covid19 but only a virtual pageant was done to declare the winner of Quarantine Queen.

5 Queens from each category are crowned as Mrs India Universe – Universal, Globe, Earth, World & International and they are also given the opportunity respectively to represent their country in international pageants like Mrs Universe & Mrs World, etc.  I will be participating in the Mrs India Universe 2020 pageant to be held Nov- Dec which will be shot in a web series and I hope to win the crown and make my country proud internationally!

What have you learned from all your professional and personal exposures in life?

In life, I have learned that you can always change your future and reinvent yourself, if you are not happy in your job don’t do it. Life will keep on throwing challenges at you and you have to clear every obstacle with grace. No matter how many highs and lows I went through in life I never lost hope in my personal or professional life.

Surabhi Lal - Mrs India Universe 2020

How did you feel upon winning the title Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen?

I am so happy to be a part of Mrs India Universe (MIU) and as the Winner of Quarantine Queen 2020 Season 2, my family is very proud of me. I am super excited to participate in the main physical pageant Mrs India Universe 2020 which is going to happen In Nov – Dec 2020. It is meant to happen in Durban, South Africa but because of COVID-19, the location is yet to be confirmed. This contest will be made into a web series so that means now I will also get to star on an OTT Platform web series. I am extremely hopeful that I will get one of the crowns home and get to represent my country internationally! This year all pageants are virtual including Mrs. Universe 2020.

This virtual pageant was a lot of fun. We were groomed by Ms. Karishma Chabbaria – Mrs. India Worldwide 2017 and we all were trained on zoom classes daily from 4 pm to 6 pm for 10 days. All the contestants were given training by a new expert for Diet & health: Dr. Varun Katyal, Makeup Artist: Gurpreet Gaura for Beauty, Dr. Munish Jindal from Mentorx as an official groomer, Dr. Shruti Anand as a fitness coach. This contest is organized by Mr. Tusshar Dhaliwal and Ms. Archana Tomar. The judges for the contest were Ms. Ruby Machra (Mrs India Universe 2018) and Ms. Vitika Chadda (Mrs India Universe 2017). You can check out more details at their website.


How much does internal beauty matter for you as much as external?

I believe beauty is skin deep. The beauty of the heart always overshadows the physical beauty. If you are a good human being at heart you will always do good and you will always excel in life. But I also believe that a healthy body resides a healthy mind therefore a good workout regime and a good diet is important to remain healthy and fit. If you remain fit and attractive your opportunities multiply in different directions along with your job. If anything, COVID-19 has taught us is that if you have a healthy lifestyle you will not get infected or you will recover after infection however the ones who are overweight or with co-morbidities if infected chances of survival are very less. Therefore, physical beauty and fitness of your body are also important. I suggest yoga and high cardio like dance fitness at home.

“Your Body Doesn’t Have A Soul, Your Soul Has A Body, Keep It Like A Temple!”

Quarantine Fitness

What are the challenges that you have to deal with in your profession?

The biggest challenge that I have faced as a blogger is a harassment and content theft. A lot of men in India are not educated on how to behave over the internet. They are not aware of copyright and internet harassment laws. Sadly, many of them are married men bored with their wives or many times really young teenage boys or immature men who do not know how to behave with women online. For them somehow every attractive woman online is available for dating and they pass really disrespectful comments to many women online. Many of them directly ask for your WhatsApp number which is very rude and unacceptable. Online harassment is faced by all celebrities, bloggers & vloggers on a daily basis.

A lot of data-stealing also happens online some websites stole images from my website and posted on there’s without giving me credit and I have also seen men & women equally stealing content and pictures from my Instagram and Facebook and post them as their own. Many of them also posted my videos without my permission on their YouTube for viewership. I have reported them all and got the content removed. There are also scamsters who pretend to be a brand to steal images from you or would want to write a post for them and disappear so be very careful who you are collaborating with and keep an eye on who is stealing your work.

The internet is definitely a web of lies! Everything that you read is not always true. Try to verify your sources and double-check news items or job opportunities online. Many of them are lying or scamsters. If there is data theft or impersonation definitely report to your followers and loved ones to report online. Some women hacked my handle and tried to impersonate me on twitter and I reported to my followers and as well as twitter. She stopped and left!!

Mrs India Universe Surabhi Lal

Why do you think you won the pageant? What makes you extraordinary?

What makes me extraordinary is that I am highly photogenic blessed with great skin, I am also extremely confident, fluent in English and an original content creator and I do not copy others. Since this was an online/virtual pageant and my content and video tasks were original so it became very easy for the judges to select me as a winner for the platinum category. What makes me extraordinary is that I am a multi-tasker and a perfectionist and I just cannot leave my work incomplete or without finesse. 

I am not only a content creator but also a blogger, vlogger, makeup & a virtual artist who can not only paint and craft but I can also draw digital artworks as well since I am also trained as a graphic designer. 

I design and maintain my own website single-handedly from the beginning, I have no team I do my own makeup, photography, videography and I share my work as a Blogger or Vlogger. This was also one of the main reasons why I also won the subtitle of “Mrs Talented” along with Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen title because I created three pieces of fluid art paintings under 2 minutes!

What is your suggestion to female entrepreneurs who want to make it big in their entrepreneurial journeys?

Being a blogger, beauty queen, and an artist I have learned that failures are part of life. If anything, COVID-19 has taught us is that at the end of the day we need three basics or essentials: food, clothes, and a house to live in. Rest all is a luxury or desires and dreams. Dreams and desires are always unlimited and there are unlimited opportunities in the world. Keep working hard and keep a positive set of life to achieve your dreams. Take COVID-19 as a great teacher to teach us unique lessons in life. Be Compassionate towards your employees and workers. Empathize.

Always make sure that your family is your priority overwork; they are the ones we work for and to provide for. No matter how busy your schedule is always make time for them. Family and friends are your support system. The most successful entrepreneurs have a very happy & stable family life.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In the next five, I see myself as an ideal mother and an established virtual artist. I also see myself representing India on an international platform. 

You have progressed in multiple fields; how do you strike a balance between all of them?

“Time management”! I distribute a certain number of hours every day for different chores and work. I start my day after daily prayers working in the kitchen. You can never ignore your household duties in the name of progress “no matter what!!”. I still cook food for my in-laws and guests and my mother- in- law helps. My husband is my support system without him I would fail terribly. There are many things that we can achieve in life but is impossible without the help of family. If your family life is stable you can achieve all your dreams.

Surabbhi Lal

I make a time table for different things and a certain amount of time to cook food, washcloths, and cleaning the room and husband equally helps me in completing the household chores. He’s into fitness and believes it will help him further to stay fit. I also make time for yoga and workout a few hours for my art, blogging, or for Instagramming.

I share some amount of my work monthly. I do not share posts daily. I believe in the quality of work and not the quantity of work and that is why I have stayed relevant over so many years. 

How has the lockdown experience been for you both professionally and personally?

Lockdown was a boon rather than a bane for me. I have achieved quite a lot during that time.  If we put our minds in the right direction, we can accomplish anything even in the most mellow & dangerous times. When people were getting bored during the lockdown, I was finishing my Teacher Training Certification from Fevicryl – Hobby ideas India and I learned different forms of arts and crafts like – Fluid Art, Decoupage, Tanjore, Mural Art, Clay Modeling, Meenakari, Madhubani, Worli Art, Cold Tie &Dye, Resin Art & Fabric painting techniques. 

Personally, I believe COVID-19 is the greatest teacher of all. And is here teaching us the value of having a good family which seldom people take for granted. Also, it is a time for self-reflection. Lockdown also taught us that if you regularly workout and eat healthy nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams, not even the deadly virus called “COVID-19” Not only that I won the title of “Mrs. India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen” just by sitting and creating content here at home. Now, we can also win virtual beauty pageants! Isn’t COVID-19 a great teacher? During this lockdown, we got to understand the value of being healthy physically and mentally as a priority. We need to rejoice, meditate, and connect with God. Trust me there is not a better time than right now. That is why today is called a “present”!

What other things are you passionate about?  

I love art & painting and I love everything beautiful. I am a very creative person and, in my mind, I am always planning ahead of time. I can paint for hours without getting tired. I also love cooking and experimenting with new dishes.

Three words you say to yourself while in front of the mirror!

“Manifest Your Dreams!!”

That WinningStree Moment…

I have had multiple WinningStree moments. From being featured as the cover girl on India’s leading magazine cover women’s era, to be crowned a beauty queen at a young age of 16, to becoming an awarded blogger married to an amazing man and then going on to winning “Mrs India Universe 2020 Quarantine Queen” pageant.  I still believe the best WinningStree moment is yet to come 🙂 

Winning Message to Other Stree’s …

Hold on to your dreams there is no shortcut to it. You will surely reach your goals surely but slowly; it will not be a smooth ride there will be bouquets and brickbats. You have to endure it all. Be original and “think out of the box” do not copy. Take other people’s success as an inspiration and as a learning experience. Do not let jealousy take you over.  There is always something special waiting for you which might be another persons dream but she/he may never achieve. Find joy in other people’s happiness.

“Victory is all about sweat and blood. Be a Tortoise, not a Rabbit, The Tortoise always wins even in the times of 5G and AI.”

“We all here on earth learn our lessons. Earth is a Test…”


Surabhi Lal - Mrs. India Universe Quarantine 2020

Where can you be reached?

The best way to reach me is to write to me on my email:

Visit my blog:

Instagram: @surabhilal and @surabhilalarts

Do wish me the best of luck with the finale of “Mrs. India Universe 2020 Web-Series… All Stree’s !!


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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