Nothing is Truly Original : Nothing Comes from Nowhere

Nothing is Truly Original : Nothing Comes from Nowhere


As once stated by the famous Pablo Picasso, “Art is Theft”.
This is an honest confession. Most artists often face questions like, “where do they get their ideas from”? The honest artists will always confess the fact that the ideas are stolen.

Everyone seems to be fascinated by the new! A new trend, a new hairdo, a new product, a new startup business, a new advertisement campaign, the list stands endless. The thirst for new is unquenchable, insatiable and increasingly in demand. The new seems better. The new is unique, creative, and standing out of the box. But have you ever thought how new is the new? How much original is the new. Well, originality is non-existent!

Copying is the heart of creativity. Everyone who creates something new have actually copied from someone else. Getting better at copying will help out in creating something new while meeting deadlines for the demand of originality.

But, how much comfortable are people with accepting the fact that they copy? Actually no one is too comfortable in accepting this fact. People are atypical and pride over their uniqueness. Accepting simply that the idea they just came about with was inspired by someone else or copied from some place else makes them feel unsmart. It makes them look like they lack that creative bent of mind to ideate their own ideas.

Being a COPY CAT Is cool

While dreaming to be original is equivalent to god’s worship, being the copy cat is an innate human skill which comes to our rescue in the battle for survival. How else would people acquire new skills, copy new fashion trends, learn some new subject or gain a social status by mimicking their favorite celebrity.

Copying is in place and will stay intact because humans are social creatures and socializing gives them a chance to adapt new habits and welcome new knowledge. Human’s see first and then do it themselves and then another human sees them doing and does it further. This is a cycle which loops all human beings and no one can actually escape it.

fall in love with copying

Some things need to be exactly copied like theory-based knowledge on any subject. A Darwin’s law or Newton’s law cannot be changed or copied in a way where its facts can be altered. However, stealing an inspiring idea which fuels your imagination leading you to work on it from a different angle making it even more creative is an art which is the need of the hour to be mastered by all.

There are things which touch your soul and stealing that very soul touching idea and aiming to reshape it would give it an added advantage of becoming authentic. Devouring old films and making new one’s basis the old movie is a live example of such a practice. Doing this would make the theft original and genuine.


Being human is to constantly evolve. From an old phone model to the current smart phone or an old match score to a new and better one, people everywhere live by the art of copying and setting up new goals and benchmarks. A new approach to an existing problem is copying to be unique. There is no point in concealing the theft but attributing it to the inspirer while taking it to new levels, makes it invaluable and celebrated. 


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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