Vastu Expertise Possessors, This Mother-Daughter Duo Literally Have A Star Connection!

Vastu Expertise Possessors, This Mother-Daughter Duo Literally Have A Star Connection!

Meet Devika, a sweet and petite girl in her early 20’s. One glance at her and she looks like a college goer. No one can’t guess seeing her that she is a renowned astrologer and vastu expert. Gazing stars and planetary positions, she and her mom can predict your future and give you solutions to absolutely any problem.

Their knowledge, spiritual healing, and astrological prowess make them much sought after in Delhi/NCR or across horizons. Meet this power couple mother-daughter duo who are the masters of three P’s namely – have a positive outlook, listen patiently and above all predict accurately!

1.Who are you and how are you into what you do?

With Kushdeep Bansal

I am Devika Goel, a Mahavastu Expert (ME) Consultant running a Consultancy Company in co-ownership along with my mother, Mrs. Suman Goel. Together we both guide people towards a better future using all the knowledge that we have in astrology and occult sciences.

I gracefully stepped-up each stair of Occult Science in synergy of my mom & now I am a professional Mahavastu Expert consultant, running our Consultancy Firm, Astro Vastuu Kendra.

We the mother-daughter duo are guiding & helping people with our divine energy, empathetic listening & affirmative guidance techniques & evoking positivity & holistic living in turn.

Mom and I believe in regularly updating our skills & guide our clients to be in their original Prakriti (State) for healthy & wealthy life by using Ayurveda technique of balancing of Triguna Sate, Astrology and Vaastu Services. Ayurveda an age old medical practice in India since ancient times combined with astrology works wonders for people.

2. How do you plan to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

I would want to make Mother’s Day celebration more memorable by sharing our, Mom&Me’s bonding story with WinningStree & to inspire all mother-daughter duo in the process.

3. So, tell us about your journey with mom so far and how did you end up working together?

Our journey of eternal bonding started when she gave me birth. Her double role, being a single parent – of affection & responsibility, was an added pinch of Sugar but our true friendship started when we both started working together to nurture AVK.  I am a part & parcel of AVK since its inception from 2010 but formally I joined her in 2014.

4. Why did you choose this profession?

My perseverance with psychic abilities is inborn which got carved at a very young age. My journey into occult science was predestined on which I started believing through my instincts which started in my teenage.

I can even say, Religiousness & Spiritualism has been present in my family for generations, which I have inherited from my maternal Grand Father, who is a Grand Master of Reiki, who taught me Reiki when I was just 8.

Being inquisitive, I always had a quest in knowing about life, why we are born, what is the ultimate path of life? At a very young age, when I was just 17, I started following my mother’s footsteps by pursuing the path of spiritualism in the form of practicing meditation and various mindfulness techniques & pursued thrice the advance course of Art of Living.

I even found that I get immense satisfaction when I guide and help someone emotionally. After that, my journey into Occult Sciences and Vastu took its first step. At the age of 18, I learned Tarot Cards & eventually, my journey took place alongside my formal education.

5. What are your plans with your venture? 

Our USP is Providing Excellence Path & the main motto is to create Balance by Lifting Others. Based on our USP, we work on delivering more insightful & Logical understanding of excellence in life, through Prakriti Vastu & Ayurveda which could be a guiding force for a uniting & healthy nation.

6. How does it feel as co-workers? Any pros & Cons…

Amazing, Mothers are a treasure and getting her support & teachings (directly & indirectly) has tuned me very well since my teenage and showed me how to be focused & achieve goals.

7. Difficulties you faced while fulfilling your dreams…

I used to be a shy & introvert kid since my childhood, & when I stepped out of my shelter it was quite difficult for me to even give my introduction & hold the mike while speaking or addressing people. But I am thankful to my mother & few of my mentors who have always been my backbone, to enrich my success path so that today I motivate others with my talks & sessions.

8. What is the significance of Mother’s Day in your life?

I feel no single day can be defined for mothers in this world, they are perfect epitomes in this world, who nurtures, cares, grows along & inculcates values in us to make us perfect.

9. Winning message to fellow strees

This year take these 5 Vows….

1)To respect all motherly figures & spend time with your family.

2) There could be some point, where your views could not match with your mother or mother in law…. But remember, you do your karma selflessly … and then the palm of the mothers will be raised only to bless you as she is born to spread affection & care.

3) Mother’s every word or curse is a blessing in disguise…its upon you on how you perceive every learning.

4) Learn to Let Go of past & live your life to fullest today as happiness is your eternal right.

5) Spread a smile every day…Uplift someone in need by showing them the path of happiness.

10. Where can you be reached?

In the heart of Every being as I believe in spreading happiness across the world by any means.

Also, for exclusive Vastu consultation at the Astro Vastuu Kendra Office @

Arunachal Building, Barakhamba Road, CP, Delhi-1



PH: 8700087761/ 9818696513

WinningStree is Proud Of This Mother-Daughter Jodi!! So, join them for vastu recommendations and holistic healing.

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