Reasons To Travel In Your Own Country Post Pandemic

Reasons To Travel In Your Own Country Post Pandemic

If we were to identify one Industry which has suffered the wrath of COVID-19 the most, it had to be the Tourism Industry. The pandemic has completely brought the travel and tourism industry to a halt. And no one, including the tourism people, are sure when it restarts. 

Spending holidays abroad with family or business trips was trending even a few months back. People around the world used to visit different places for new experiences and to broaden their horizons. Braving conditions like pollution or compromising on safety, people still traveled for the love of traveling. It was the norm.

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But somehow no one ever thought of such a situation before. Of a Lockdown so grave that people would just end up locked inside their self-made cages aka their sweet homes. When the air was cleaner, roads were empty and crime rates went down, but the travel plans had to wait due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

The disease itself started with cross border travel. Traveling with human carriers across borders. Circumstances grim, with more than 3 lakh 15 thousand deaths already world over. Restrictions imposed on people around the world upon international travel of self-quarantine and then borders sealed, airports shut down. How could one possibly travel even if they wanted to?

Benefits Of Travel And Tourism Industry

Ever wondered, “How does the country benefit from tourists and tourism?” The money that the tourist spends in any particular country is the income of the tourism industry and many other industries. Tourism plays an important role in the economic boost for a country. It is an essential part of any given country’s economy, providing the primary source of employment and income generations. The money it earns not only pulls up the economy of the country but also its small businesses.


What Has Changed For The Travel Industry post COVID-19?

As COVID-19 has affected all aspects of life from people living in a quarantined existence to countries being on lockdown and governments issuing advisories against traveling, the world has been hit like never before. Economies are crashing, the travel industry is grappling with the ill-effects of an all-out Coronavirus pandemic, and it is chaotic everywhere. 

Though the world will never be the same. Things will surely change in the times to come for better and people will start going to places. And when travel begins, it will with baby steps. Look for it to start with road trips or long drives rather than flying or staying far away from homes. It will be quite a while before International Travel even begins. The new travel normal might mean the use of travel insurance, travel advisors, self-driven cars, and even virtual touring.

Explore Your Own Country

Traveling in one’s own country seems to be doable considering the current scenario. International travel will still be a distant thought. But visiting within 300 Kms radius in a self-driven vehicle will help to preserve local culture and tradition. It will also create employment for people in various places which are completely dependent on tourism for survival. No foreign travel would mean no virus travels cross borders. This will help maintain cleanliness and sanitization post-pandemic.

Travel The Pink City Jaipur
The Pink City Jaipur

The strong need to travel, to experience the outside world, the fresh air, and onto nature’s lap will become a desire for people post the lockdown. Post the travel restrictions are lifted, offbeat destinations will be much in demand. As these locations come minus the crowd, pollution, and with its own experience. Incredible India is full of such offbeat locations, ready to be explored.

Once the COVID-19 situation is controlled and the vaccine is made available to everyone, precautions will still be required to be taken for a longer period. People will have to be careful in choosing their travel destinations and stay. But post the pandemic crisis, travelers will embrace the opportunity of travel to make the domestic tourism bounce back.

International Travel Is Not Going To Be Easy

International travel will take more time to resume. Prediction of what will happen or how will it open is not quite possible amongst uncertainties. But we strongly believe there will be lots of checks enforced at the borders, including temperature and health check. With more rules and changed do’s and don’ts, travel to an international destination will surely be cumbersome for a while.

So, if you are a travel lover why not explore our own country by roads rather than train and flights with basic hygiene practices to be followed all the time. This will not only help you to discover the unseen places but also help people to earn their livelihood with self-respect. Let us be ready to see the change in the world of explorers. Let us respect and be considerate towards the environment. Let us be ready for a new tomorrow and a new normal for travelers.


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