A Rendezvous With WinningStree Shambhavi On Cards And Life

A Rendezvous With WinningStree Shambhavi On Cards And Life

That’s how our #streejosh of this International Women’s week has described herself. Shambhavi has been in her chosen profession for the past two decades.

She’s a dreamer.

A doer.

A thinker.

She sees possibilities everywhere.

Shambhavi started off very young in life, especially at the time when college kids were busy exploring and experiencing the growing up days. She kept herself busy with the cards.

Her journey with cards started during her post-graduation days. Shambhavi recalls, with a smile in those days “I had just two things to do, prepare for the semester exams or read cards and have fun.”

It’s not been easy, as in those days, welcoming a tarot reader and in the tarot, the profession was not the in thing.

Shambhavi’s journey has been adventurous and very rewarding. It was a calling from within that saw its outcome. Along with being intuitive, she was also inclined to be a life- long student and continue learning all about tarot.

Shambhavi didn’t leave any stone unturned and attended workshops, seminars, and events to go in-depth of tarot card reading.

Difficulties Shambhavi faced, as a woman, when fulfilling your dreams/aspirations and how did you overcome them?

Being a woman, a mother, a homemaker, a perfectionist, and a socialite – all of this was not easy. But I learned the art of managing time, staying focused, and committed. 

Shambhavi with her Award

Societal Pressure on Women expecting them to behave in one particular manner tends them to leave their careers midway sometimes. Your message to such women who aspire to grow higher but fear of losing things they value!

Honestly, I strongly feel nothing is permanent. But one must be in sync with what the reality is. Most of the time living in denial cause us pain. Not having a plan in life makes us uneasy about the unseen future.

I would suggest since every age goes through a transition. One must peacefully be calm. Have a plan a way forward made.

Never fear to restart, keep the confidence high and most importantly trust in yourself.

Do not look at how long It will take you to accomplish those goals or how hard it will be, take step by step and know one day it will be all worth it. 

Is it difficult for women to articulate or voice out their will both professionally or personally? How important is it for females to voice out their opinions?

I am surprised to see this question, we are equal and exceeding in all aspects, we are the Devi’s in most religion we are worshipped without us the world will cease… 

We coexist 🙂 if we have an opinion it’s just right to speak our mind.

What is feminism according to Shambhavi?

In the words of GD Anderson,” Feminism isn’t about making women stronger, women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives the strength”

Be a woman so strong yet so gentle, educated, and humble. Be fierce yet compassionate, passionate, rational and so disciplined, yet free.

Tarot Card Reading

Winning Stree Moment of  Shambhavi…

There are many such moments but the one that has stayed with me is when and the one that is close to my heart  – when a lady walked up to me and said it took me three months to do tuitions run my home and save for your fees.

She started crying and said, “Please don’t deny me.” I was speechless and couldn’t dare to touch her money. I just took ₹1 from her. And I still have that as my first award! I want to thank everyone for the love and respect.

Your Thoughts about International Women’s Day and any message you would wish to convey to our Fellow Strees…

It’s a wonderful day to acknowledge our contribution to our sacrifices. Remember who you are and everything changes.

Beautiful Smile of Shambhavi

Where Shambhavi can be reached?


Mobile No. – 9890249456

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