Meet Young Artist Swati Pasari Who Spreads Happiness Through Her Art & Social Work

Meet Young Artist Swati Pasari Who Spreads Happiness Through Her Art & Social Work

Swati Pasari is a young woman artist who is spreading happiness in people’s lives through her vibrant paintings and artistic sculptures. Not only this, but she is also an active contributor towards supporting needy and poor people both emotionally and financially.

As a Marwari, Swati Pasari was always expected to don the businesswoman hat however fate and she herself had different plans for her. Very happy and content with her choice she is our 30 something Winning Stree of the Week.

Meet The WinningStree Of The Week Swati Pasari

Tell us about yourself and your journey and how did you choose to be what you are today? Please also share about your growing up years and your inspiration?

Swati Pasari

I always had an inclination towards art since my childhood, but it was during my college days that I realized I wanted to pursue art professionally instead of business. Art not only allows me to express myself but also completes me. It is my passion, my calling.

You completed your Business studies…, so what led you towards Pranic Healing and Paintings, instead of opting for family business /corporate jobs?

At her Studio

I completed my business studies from Australia. Though I hail from a business family and also studied business, I realized that my passion was art. Once I heeded that call, there was no looking back. I always had a strong spiritual sense and that somehow this led me to take up pranic healing. Being a pranic healer, in turn, influenced my art a lot.

Do you still practice Pranic Healing? If yes, throw some light on how is it really helpful?

Yes, I do practice Pranic Healing. It has been very helpful to me because it helps me bring out my innermost feelings to the canvas. Pranic healing is all about understanding energy patterns and the exchange of energy. It does wonder for boosting my creativity.

We heard that you’re also supporting needy people, can you throw some light on your activities?

I believe that a life well-lived is a life lived for others, I have a deep connection to the city of Varanasi. I visit a school regularly and also contribute to a hospital there. Through my art, I aim to raise funds that will be used for the benefits of those who need it.

Difficulties that you faced, as a woman, while fulfilling your dreams/aspirations and how did you overcome them?

When I decided to pursue art, I faced some difficulties because coming from a Marwari family I was expected to get into the business. Fortunately, my grandfather always supported me. His support played a huge role in my development as an artist.

What has been your most touching and emotional moment as an artist?

Swati Pasari Painting

For any artist, the most memorable moment is the one when people acknowledge your talent. Nothing could be as rewarding as that experience when your hard work, passion, and talent is acknowledged by the people.

What does Swati Pasari’s work aim to say? 

Sculpture by Swati

My works focus on the themes of spirituality, stillness and natural beauty. Through my work, I seek to bring positivity and spread happiness all around. I do not begin any painting with a thought in mind, instead, I let my emotions flow, and somehow everything that I want to convey finds their place on the canvas.

What are the unique aspects of your creations? How would you differentiate your work from others?


My work is highly introspective. Instead of having a fixed theme in mind, I let the brush do the talking…or painting. I let my feelings flow on the canvas. This makes my art highly subjective, yes, but it also allows the viewer to find meaning for themselves in the painting. They need to discover the meaning for themselves.

You have done many exhibitions too. Share with us the most memorable one and why that exhibition is close to you.

Participating in exhibitions has been a huge learning experience. The most memorable experience has been Value Beyond Exhibition, held in Chennai, July 2018. This exhibition is close to me because I have some very special memories of it.

Who are your biggest influencers?

My biggest influencers are subjects, rather than people. I’m heavily influenced by Indian mythology and spirituality. My artworks always express the subjects that influence me the most.

Societal Pressure on Women expecting them to behave in one particular manner tends them to leave their careers midway sometimes. Your message to such women who aspire to grow higher but fear losing things they value!

It is no secret that the patriarchal norms of society have severely restricted women and their aspirations. But we just have to keep fighting against these and claim our rights. To all women, I’d like to say that we as women should unite. Instead of falling prey to patriarchal politics, all women should unite and help each other for the benefit of all.

Is it difficult for women to articulate or voice out their will both professionally or personally? How important is it for females to voice out their opinions?

The importance of voicing out their opinions for women is very, very important. It cannot be stressed enough. It is only by speaking up that difficulties will be resolved. 

What is feminism according to Swati Pasari?

To me, feminism is equality on all fronts between men and women. Equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their gender.

Your Favorite quote that you believe in which speaks highly about Feminism

“If you stand for equality, then you are a feminist.”

Your Winning Stree Moment

My Winning Stree moment is when I go to Varanasi and spend time with school children there. The satisfaction I get from seeing the smiles on their faces cannot be compared to anything else.

You heard your heart and took your passion of becoming an artist, what would you like to say to the budding women of India?

I’m quite happy that I heard my heart. You can never go wrong when you heed your heart’s call. To all budding women of India, I’ll just say this: believe in yourself and your dreams and let nothing stop you from achieving that.

Your Thoughts and any message you would wish to convey to our Fellow Strees… 

Things are changing and people are realizing how important it is giving women their fair share of opportunities.

To our fellow Strees, I’ll just ask to continue to be brave, ambitious, and courageous and achieve everything you dreamt about.

Where Swati Pasari can be reached?

I can be reached at +91- 9831125686.

All the best Swati Pasari! Keep spreading the smile! The world needs it certainly!!


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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