The Art Of Toilet Training

The Art Of Toilet Training

Yes, I am obsessed with the toilet and lack of hygiene that sometimes stares you on your face. And when I have to go on those special long trips or in that case a mall, I skip drinking water. Something which is not easy for a person who loves the drinking water and follows the rule of drinking seven glasses of water.

But if I have to go to pee, Lord save me, because I literally have to turn into a zombie. I have to scrunch up my face, hold my breath, and run from one cubicle to another to see if they have a tissue roll. Forget about the tissue rolls, the seat is wet, it’s not flushed and probably there is someone’s used sanitary pad strewn across the cubicle.

Gross and Dangerous

Hygiene values are imbibed in each and every one of us ever since we begin to understand the meaning of going to pee and potty. We teach our little ones how to wipe that area or to keep it clean, etc. But forget it ourselves unintentionally.

Toilet Art

Devil May Care Attitude

We have developed the ‘I don’t care attitude’ to small things such as hygiene. Considering it is a public toilet, and not your own, you decide that is it okay to keep doing anything that you want to. We may keep fighting about the fact that women should be equal, how women empowerment is necessary, and all that else.

But forget that the next person who will visit the toilet will need it clean.

Urinary Tract Infection

And this is exactly where the UTI or Urinary Tract Infection gives birth. Many times when I have had the urge to pee, I had to try different positions to pee so as not to get too close to the toilet seat in a seating-standing position. Research indicates that UTI-rich bacteria thrive in moist temperatures and not on the surface of a toilet seat.

But that is just a part of the happy news. There is a type of bacteria present in what looks like a clean bowl of water in the toilet. But possibilities are if this clean water happened to be splashed on your privates, chances are that it is one of the possible accused of the crime since it carries Escherichia Coli or E Coli type of bacteria.

That is a different picture altogether. But flushing after use is a healthy and hygienic way to stay safe and better for other women to use the toilet. Spread the message because after all, ‘Jahan Soch Wahan Sauchalaya!’

It definitely starts with us and no matter where you are, just remember to Push the Flush!


WinningStree is promoting Push the Flush campaign this whole month! Remember to flush the toilet after every use! Come join us and be a part of the campaign and no matter if you are at a toilet at a mall, airport, hotel, or any public place, let’s hope for a Swacch Bharat!

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