The Workplace of 2020 Gives Us Some New Hope Says Sapna Khakharia Gohil
Sapna Khakharia Gohil

The Workplace of 2020 Gives Us Some New Hope Says Sapna Khakharia Gohil

The workplace of today finds itself at a unique existential intersection. While veterans of the industry identifying as Baby Boomers and Gen-X see out the twilight years of their professional days, the Millennials rise to positions of leadership, taking the proverbial baton from their predecessors. Further, the influx of Generation- Z, young turks who will helm future organizations, spices the broth even further. Incumbent workforces practice work cultures that have been refined over the years, commensurate to technology available to them, with modes and models of workplaces ergonomically and aesthetically shaped to foster these cultures.

Newer generations, decidedly more tech-savvy, will bring with them work cultures and styles shaped by the techno-verse that spawned and nurtured them, and the success of the workplace of the future will be predicated on ensuring a transitional environment that is collaborative, flexible and nurturing in equal capacity.

1. A mix of private and collaborative spaces in lieu of dictating an open plan / hierarchical setup. This helps foster work patterns that may differ from user to user, keeping in mind the dictum that every employee is an individual, and encouraging individuality makes a more proactive and motivated employee.

Motivated Employee
Motivated Employee


2. Embracing technology that promotes both productivity and employee well-being. Sensory technologies create ambient, monitory environments attuned to the perceived state of mind of a workforce based on the time of the day and corresponding energy level.

Embracing Technology
Embracing Technology


3. Bringing in Employee Engagement Measures that can keep the creative juices flowing. These may range from direct designated spaces like gymnasiums, game rooms etc, and also more implied measures like circulation spaces within an office converted to jogging / walking tracks, brain gyms that facilitate stimulation of cerebral faculties through activities like reading, puzzles, crosswords and visual and aural content. Exercise chairs, selfie walls, listening booths etc may all play a part in this endeavor.

Work Hard Party Harder
Work Hard Exercise Harder


4. Embracing AI and Robotics as not just an inevitable but an essential part of work cultures. Robot buddies slowly permeate workplaces, and this helps with not just fingertip access to information and tasks, but may provide an invaluable reservoir towards automating / optimizing tasks that may otherwise suffer due to limits on computing power and human error.

5. Greener workplaces will mean that the environment in any workplace will be beneficial professionally as well as sustainably. Since the millennials and the Gen X are emerging to become a bulk in our workforce, their value around a sustainable and greener workplace will improve their talent while boosting their confidence.

Green Spaces
Green Working Spaces


With this, Ms Sapna Khakharia adds, “This new age of workspaces is evolving along with the age of women entrepreneurship where people are recognizing the talent behind all these successes. These innovations that we are bringing in the design industry are booming the charts. We at The CANVAS Design look at such opportunities where we can showcase our talent and blow their minds.”

One of India’s leading architectural design studio, The Canvas, stands tall on 15+ years of industry
experience of its Founding Evangelist, Ms. Sapna Khakharia. Sapna is a passionate leader and through her
vast management experience, she always ensures that clear objectives and expectations are delivered
and maintained always.

The Canvas Launch
The Canvas Launch


Building relationships with clients, authorities and professional colleagues have ensured that Sapna has
been able to draw upon a vast diversity of Architectural and ID typologies for her career till date. Her
penchant for Workspace Architecture, Hotels, F&B, Residential and Interior Design facilitates her
understanding of global trend and retrospective influences.

She seeks to examine and execute the opportunities that each site and project possesses in order to
fulfil the site’s design potential. She truly believes that responsiveness to the end user’s needs is
imperative in creating a functional and inspired sense of place. Sapna is of the belief that architecture
without people is like an art piece without its soul.

The world is getting smaller and global thinking motivates her to transcend architectural boundaries both geographically and culturally. Sapna’s burning ambition and dogged determination led to The Canvas to win the prestigious title of iNFHRA FM Excellence Award, which is the only jury led award in the fraternity, in the best design category for one of its client – Tata Sky, India’s leading content distribution platform.

Sapna draws a huge chunk of inspiration from her father who she also considers as a mentor and the
pillar of support, under the guidance of whom she went on to achieve success in her life. She has honed
her design sensibilities from him and they share various common interests. Being one of the few women
in a typically male-dominated industry, she has navigated her share of growth and challenges, only to
emerge supreme.

She is also an advocate for gender inclusivity at the workplace and has pioneered many
policies within The Canvas for the betterment of women employees. Additionally, Sapna has been
instrumental in making The Canvas, one of the top 5 companies in India to have an official policy on
menstrual leave for its women employees.



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Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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