These 7 Sarees Can Be Found Adorning Every Saree Lover’s Wardrobe

These 7 Sarees Can Be Found Adorning Every Saree Lover’s Wardrobe

Out of all outfits that Indian women possess, the saree is the best! It adds grace to her beauty and at the same time makes her sensuous! The six-yard clothing when swathed around enhances every woman’s beauty! The modern Indian woman has upgraded their fashion sense now, the sarees and blouse combinations must suit her taste while at the same time she has developed unique ways of draping it as well! Here are 7 sarees which every saree lover should proudly have in her wardrobe!

1. Banarasi Saree

Made in Banaras, these sarees and their designs are Mughal inspired. Golden or silver zari or brocade work, intricate designs and opulent embroidery weaved in the finest of silks make these sarees grand and relatively heavy! Often part of an Indian bride’s trousseau, these are paired along with the best of gold and diamond jewelry!

Moumita Chakraborty Decked Up As A Bengali Bride in a Red Banarasi Saree
Moumita Chakraborty Decked Up As A Bengali Bride in a Red Banarasi Saree


2. Kota Doriya

As the name suggests these are woven in and around Kota, Rajasthan! Made in both silk and cotton, these are lightweight and suitable for the tropical summers! The square-like patterns or checks and a bit of embroidery and patches on the border, make these sarees exclusive and preferable by all.

Kota Doria by Wedding Belz
An Elegant Piece of 6 Yards Called Kota Doria by Wedding Belz

3. Chanderi Saree

A very traditional draping, made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, these are available in pure silk, chanderi cotton, and silk cotton! The Chanderi sarees are an artwork of silver and golden zari and brocade, with fancy designs of the coin, flowers, peacocks and geometrical shapes! One of the finest sarees this certainly is included in every female closet!

Chanderi Silk Saree - WinningStree
Tanusri Chakraborty looking lovely in a Chanderi Silk Saree

4. Bandhani Saree

Also known as Bandhej, this one is found in Rajasthan and Gujrat. These sarees are processed via a tie and dye technique which makes these sarees unique! Vibrant hues, soft to wear, lightweight and availability in a variety of fabrics such as cotton, georgette, crepe, and chiffon make these a popular choice.

Bandhej Saree - WinningStree
Look Royal Always With a Bandhez by D’Desire & Red Carpet

5. Lehriya Saree

Again, from Rajasthan, this saree uses a dyeing practice which results in a wavy and rippled pattern. Available in bright colors and on chiffon, georgette and crepe material, these are gorgeous and fit for all occasions!

Leheriya Saree - Winning Stree
Preeti wearing a beautiful Lehariya

6. Phulkari Sarees

Phulkari is a special embroidery type and Punjab and Haryana women are experts in this technique. The motifs embroidered are flower-shaped which makes its name Phulkari, “Phul” meaning Flower! Traditionally this was part of a woman’s wedding attire but with time these have become a popular choice for a party or regular wear! The sarees are as much colorful as is the state of Punjab and as lively as the Punjabi women and their creative abilities!

Phulkari by Pinks and Punks
Punjabi artwork loved by the world – Phulkari by Pinks and Punks

7. Kanchipuram Saree

A classic must-have saree in your cabinet! From a town called Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu, this weave is available in both silk and cotton! Woven in mulberry silk the sarees have distinguishing wide borders and stripes and checks as designs! Splendid and durable, this is worn by many inclusive of the bride in South Indian weddings!

Weddings and Kanjivaram go hands in hand
Weddings and Kanjivaram go hand in hand

Not only the Indian woman but also many foreigners are equally fascinated by these appealing drapes!! Promoting the sarees also means promoting more employment opportunities for those thousands of weavers from across the country who create magic with their hands! So, which one is your pick from the list above!


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