Which Star Sign are you most Compatible with this Valentine’s Day by Kinnari Davawala

Which Star Sign are you most Compatible with this Valentine’s Day by Kinnari Davawala

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love is in the air and so are predictions. Do you want to know what is in the cards for you? Are you going to click with that special someone you have a crush on? Which star sign are you most compatible with? Read on to know more.

Aries – Warrior of Zodiac , now you are ready for romantic adventure, you will try new ways to express love to your partner. Valentines day will be like roller coaster ride filled with love, romance and excitement. Singles there are high chances to get positive response for your proposal and be ready to enjoy beautiful new start.

Valentine lucky Color – Lavender 

Valentine lucky flower – Orchids 

Aries Valentine Compatibility 
Aries – Try your luck
Taurus – Can take chance
Gemini – Great Pair
Cancer – Worst Match
Leo – Best Match
Virgo – Don’t waste time
Libra – Love of Life
Scorpio – Try if relationship works
Saggitarius – SoulMates
Capricorn – No Hope
Aquarius – Can make commitment 
Pisces – Enemies 

Taurus – Taurians who are in relationship will have romantic, passionate and exciting valentines day. Valentines day will get good news for singles. Singles planning to get into relationship will witness progress in their life and will get positive response.

Valentine lucky color – Pink

Valentine lucky flower – Pink Rose

Taurus Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Average relationship 
Taurus – Infatuation 
Gemini – Attraction
Cancer – Ideal Relationship 
Leo – Critical relationship 
Virgo – Best Pair
Libra – True relationship 
Scorpio – Trustworthy relationship 
Saggitarius – Favourable 
Capricorn – Loving Relationship 
Aquarius – Not Great
Pisces – Temporary relationship

Gemini – For those who are already in relationship, Valentine will be time of excitement, love, romantic date ,gifts and happiness. Singles will find love and it will be a beginning of a beautiful new relationship. 

Valentine lucky color – Chilli Red

Valentine lucky flower – Roselily

Gemini Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Memorable pair
Taurus – Needs dedication towards each other 
Gemini – Sublime 
Cancer – Poor Match
Leo – Unstoppable 
Virgo – Poles apart
Libra – Opposites attract
Scorpio – No Hope
Saggitarius – Quite a good match
Capricorn – Not a successful match
Aquarius – Made in Heaven 
Pisces – Better to be single

Cancer – Married Cancerians be ready for romantic date on valentines day, unexpected surprises are on the way. Single cancerians accept love of person who loves you. Dont be frightened of falling in love and making commitments. 

Valentine lucky color – Amethyst 

Valentine lucky flower – Daisy

Cancer Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Difference of opinion
Taurus – Romantic match
Gemini – Poles apart
Cancer – Can be friends 
Leo – Not Favourable 
Virgo – Real Love
Libra – Attraction
Scorpio – Fairytale Match
Saggitarius – No hope
Capricorn – Great Match
Aquarius – Don’t waste time 
Pisces – Love Match

Leo – Lion of Love, Valentine’s Day will be full of passion and romance with your partner. Singles will get only butterflies in stomach and nothing in hand. 

Valentine lucky color – Ruby

Valentine lucky flower – Tulip

Leo Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Infatuation 
Taurus – Don’t try
Gemini – Strong Bond
Cancer – Complicated 
Leo – Average 
Virgo – opposing thoughts 
Libra – Good match
Scorpio – worst match 
Saggitarius – Superb match 
Capricorn – waste of time 
Aquarius – Powerful match
Pisces – Arguments in relationship 

Virgo – Married Virgos will make valentines day beautiful and memorable for their partner. Singles stop being analyser and don’t be afraid to get emotionally connected, enjoy the feeling of love as its right time to get into commitment. 

Valentine lucky color – Raspberry 

Valentine lucky flower – Rose 

Virgo Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Temporary relationship 
Taurus – Made in Heaven 
Gemini – Waste of time
Cancer – Long lasting relationship 
Leo – Fiery relationship 
Virgo – Not Great
Libra – Opposite attracts 
Scorpio – Perfect pair
Saggitarius – Better be single 
Capricorn – Real Love
Aquarius – Not favourable 
Pisces – Can try your luck 

Libra – Trustworthy of zodiac signs, valentines day has a lot of unexpected surprises for you from your partner, be ready to have a funfilled loving day. Singles this time is highly favorable to confess to the person you love, you will great favourable response.

Valentine lucky color – Plum red

Valentine lucky flower – Rose

Libra Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Real Love
Taurus – Excellent match 
Gemini – Romantic relationship 
Cancer – Average 
Leo – Great Pair 
Virgo – infatuation 
Libra – Can be friends 
Scorpio – Complicated
Saggitarius – Great pair 
Capricorn – Don’t waste time 
Aquarius – Real Love
Pisces – Complicated

Scorpio – Married scorpions will have a average day with small celebrations with their partners and family. Singles will spend day with friends and some of you might revive old relationship. 

Valentine lucky color – Flamingo pink

Valentine lucky flower – Carnation

Scorpio Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Infatuation 
Taurus – Powerful match 
Gemini – Poor match 
Cancer – Very strong bond 
Leo – No hope in relationship 
Virgo – Made for each other 
Libra – Fiery relationship 
Scorpio – Neutral
Saggitarius – Complicated
Capricorn – Paradise 
Aquarius – Infatuation 
Pisces – Made in heaven

Saggitarius – Married Saggitarians who were facing problems in their relationship will see major positive improvement in their relationship and will have Romantic valentines day. Singles be careful while allowing someone to enter your life, remember all that shines is not gold, be extra careful while taking decision and making commitments

Valentine lucky color – Red

Valentine lucky flower – Rose

Saggitarius Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Loving relationship 
Taurus – Not Favourable 
Gemini – Passionate
Cancer – Critical 
Leo – Perfect Match 
Virgo – Worst Match 
Libra – Made in Heaven 
Scorpio – Average 
Saggitarius – Neutral
Capricorn – Relationship will be Headache 
Aquarius – Powerful match 
Pisces – Poor Match

Capricorn – Those who are already in relationship will rejuvenate their relationship and make their relationship more exciting and passionate. Around valentines week Singles will come across somebody and immediately fall in love and will confess their love.

Valentine lucky color – Hot Pink

Valentine lucky flower – Rose

Capricorn Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Worst Match
Taurus – Best Match
Gemini – Not Favourable 
Cancer – Long lasting relationship 
Leo – Poles apart
Virgo – Powerful match 
Libra – No Hope 
Scorpio – Passionate Match 
Saggitarius – Critical 
Capricorn – Try your luck 
Aquarius – Worst Match 
Pisces -Infatuation

Aquarius – Aquarians be ready to experience shower of love for you by your partner. Valentines day is going to be a fairytale experience for you. Singles be ready, your attractive personality will get you multiple love proposals. But remember it’s not ideal time to make any kind of promises. Jus enjoy the moment.

Valentine lucky color – Mauve 

Valentine lucky flower – Carnation

Aquarius Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Can try your luck 
Taurus – No Hope
Gemini – Best Match 
Cancer – Complicated 
Leo – Romantic relationship 
Virgo – Poles apart
Libra – Excellent Match 
Scorpio – Fiery relationship 
Saggitarius – Strong Relationship 
Capricorn – Waste of time
Aquarius – Can be friends 
Pisces – Not Favourable

Pisces – You will face struggle and difference of opinion in your relationship. Secret valentines celebrations with friends will   be on your mind. Be careful as there are chances your secret getting burst in front of your partners. Singles this time is not favourable for you to get into any relationship and don’t make any commitments , just enjoy valentines day with friends. 

Valentine lucky color – Violet 

Valentine lucky flower – Orchid 

Pisces Valentine Compatibility
Aries – Worst Match
Taurus – Attraction 
Gemini – Don’t waste time 
Cancer – Fairytale match
Leo – No Hope
Virgo – Average 
Libra – Complicated 
Scorpio – Passionate relationship 
Sagittarius – Don’t try
Capricorn – Infatuation 
Aquarius – Fiery relationship 
Pisces – Can be friends

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