WinningStree Of The Week – Ruchi Saxena Tells Us How To Get Fit The Happy Way

WinningStree Of The Week – Ruchi Saxena Tells Us How To Get Fit The Happy Way

Meet Dr. Ruchi Saxena, a Fitness, Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach from Delhi/NCR. She has a fitness studio by the name of FITWELL. She runs group fitness classes in her studio and her classes are designed in such a way that members get complete workout in terms of Cardio, Strength and Flexibility.  She also conducts Group Meditation and Praninc Healing sessions to address anxiety and stress related issues.

FITWELL is her small contribution towards society to spread awareness about leading a Healthy Lifestyle which is the need of the hour! Who else can make us avoid diseases or prevent them at the first place? This doctor to trainer in this unique interview shows us what makes her a WinningStree! Keep reading!

1. Who are you and how are you into what you do? 

I am Dr. Ruchi Saxena an Orthodontist by profession and Fitness, Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach by passion. I took up an Ace (Personal Trainer) Course and turned into fitness science from being an regular Orthodontist practicing for 16 years.


2. Tell us about your journey..

It all started when I left my job as a consultant with a corporate dental chain owning to back problems. I was advised complete bed rest and pain killers followed by back strengthening exercises. I was asked to leave my sedentary lifestyle and was advocated to take up a more active lifestyle. I gave up on those occasional walks and fad diets and took up gym on my Husbands advice.

I signed up for a personal training routine and my health coach introduced me to various modalities of work outs from cardio to balance to strength training. Gradually I developed a liking towards my sessions and working out in general. Exercise along with a clean diet actually did wonders to my emotional and physical health. My weight training sessions strengthened my bones. Over time, an year and a half to be precise, I was able to achieve an optimum weight, strength and endurance with my fitness regime.

Considering the interest I had developed and on persistence from my trainer, I took up the ACE course and another three months to consider a new career option for myself. At the age of 37 I decided to take up this service profession rendering health.

3. Is Physical & Mental Wellness achievement an easy path to take?

Dr. Ruchi

It’s  a mind game! If you have made up your mind for this then it’s not difficult. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and if you are mentally strong nothing is impossible. That’s why we emphasize on both physical and mental well being of our members.

4. Why did you choose fitness training of everything else?

It makes me happy. Nothing is more satisfying than helping people stay fit and healthy. Besides,Exercise I believe is the best remedy to combat  any form of stress considering the kind of lifestyle we follow these days.As a health care provider I feel this is an extension of my services.

5. What role would you have chosen as a career option if not into fitness?

Fitness has always inspired  and made me feel good. I have been working out for past 20 years now! And I know what amazing benefits it has. So fitness is first and of course I am very contented  and happy with my job as an Orthodontist.

6. Difficulties you faced when fulfilling your dreams/aspirations …

Oh ! The list is endless.  But the biggest challenge has been to create awareness about leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Most of the time people associate it with weight loss and once they achieve their goals they forget about it!
But I am happy, gradually people are becoming aware, all thanks to various programs launched by government like “Fit India”.
7. That Winning Stree moment…
When people come and appreciate us @Fitwell. They like our concept and that how different we are from regular gyms and studios.
8. Three words you say to yourself when in front of the mirror…
Never Ever Give Up!
9. Winning message to other Strees
There is nothing that a woman can not achieve! But in a quest of fulfilling your responsibilities as a professional and a home maker don’t forget to take care of yourself. Trust me an hour in a day to yourself will increase your efficiency and productivity.
10. What makes you extraordinary ?
(Fitwell) Our vision is to create a fit and healthy community. Our classes are Fun, every day there is a new workout so the fitness routine does not become monotonous. Besides, our one on one counselling sessions and energy of the group keep our members motivated. We try to give them a very positive experience here.
11. Your Favorite quote that you believe in…
 “Success  at the end of your comfort zone”
12. Where can you be reached?
Fitwell- The Fitness and Wellness Center
FitwellA-687A,  sec19
pH 8368912550


All the Best Lady! May you keep guiding us and touching our lives with the best of your guidance on health and fitness! Keep contributing to the cause towards a healthier us and a healthier India! On this Dhanteras, when Lord Dhanwantari appeared with a pot of the divine nectar, we see you as the Amrit giver in our lives!

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