Ever thought what type of women need life insurance, and why do they need it?

The role of women in the family and business world is changing consistently. Regardless of whether she’s an essential contributor to the family’s income or a home maker or a work from home entrepreneur, the requirement to own a Life Insurance Policy for her has increased majorly. It should not be overlooked at all!

Here are 5 categories of woman who should buy a Life Insurance!

Bread Winners Forever – Working Women Need Life Insurance

Today woman are equally contributing to their family income.

Working Women

In case of her untimely demise or any crisis, her family’s finances and standard of living would certainly be affected. To be prepared for such an unforeseen event, it is IMPORTANT that women protect their families financially by getting life cover insurance. There is no substitute for the emotional VOID in the family. But insurance will cover up the loss in income even after their lives.

The Wonder Woman Who Never Is A Burden – Single Women Need Insurance

Single or no-single, women too have several and valid expenses which are so-termed as “Faltu Ke Kharach” by society.

Single Woman

A single woman often thinks she does not need insurance as she has no dependents.  But what she does not realize  is that in an unfortunate event, all her  loans., viz. car loan, home loan, education loan etc.,  will have to be paid by her ageing parents.  When the parents have to save for their own retirement. They will suddenly be clearing away the debts of their daughter.

Thus even if you are single, insurance is must.  It acts like a security cover to secure you and your family. Term plan is the best option because the premium is low and thereby getting the term insurance benefit.

Being a Homemaker Is a Full Time Job – Home Makers women Need Insurance

The Homemaker Is A Multitasker who does the most important work in the whole world.


Our families are so dependent on the females of the house. They bind and keep the family together. As a homemaker, the absence of woman due to any unforeseen circumstances will also make a huge difference to the finances of the family. The man of the house in the absence of the female of the house may not be able to maintain a balance between his job and the responsibilities at home.

This will mean hiring the services of a full time maid. Especially if the children are still at school. These service charges and other expenses may tend to be quite high. It is thus essential to protect for such type of expenses in advance. A life insurance policy ensures that all these costs are taken care of in the absence of the woman of the house.

Ageing Gracefully & Living Fearlessly – Retired Women Need Life Insurance

Retired Women want to stop living at work and begin enjoying life by beginning to work at their living.

Retired Women


If a woman is blessed to live her retirement years, the sum assured from her policy can be used towards fulfilling her own dreams. It can be used to achieve all that she had planned for while managing her work and home front.  From taking an art class and lessons in music, learning a new language, or even travelling the world. Also her on-going regular health check up costs, she can do everything to her heart’s desire.

To be able to do this, she needs to invest in a whole life insurance plan, which will ensure she reaps the benefits of the financial backup she has created for herself in her golden years.

Motherly Love – Mothers Need Life Insurance

A Mother’s Love for her child is like nothing else in the world. A mother’s prayers for her children are unending! She wishes always their best and wants to support her kids even when she is not around.

Motherly Love


A woman is inborn with her motherly instincts which always mean providing for her children. When a child is born, two events will surely take place i.e., higher education of the child and their marriage. It is every woman’s heartfelt desire that her children have the best education and pursue all their dreams.

Unfortunately, if a mother passes away before all of this, she may not be there to witness these milestones in her children’s lives. But, the financial backing she leaves behind will ensure that those huge expenses are well met. It will be an ideal thing to do for a young mother to take  on insurance  in endowment plans. The maturity of which will be available at the time of higher education expenses and then marriage.  The younger you are, lesser is the premium for higher amount of sum assured.

Neeti Kapoor


“Every girl and every woman, has the potential to make this world a better place. And that potential lies in the act of thinking higher thoughts and feeling deeper things. When women and girls, everywhere, begin to see themselves as more than inanimate objects. But as beautiful beings capable of deep feelings and higher thoughts, this has the capacity to create change all around. The kind of change that is for the better. -C. JoyBell C.”


Neeti Kapoor is the founder of iDProserv (ID ProServ), which is an advisory firm and offers processes and policies for Start-Ups and also offers life, health and motor insurance and a retirement planning for all people!! Her motto is to help people live life with happiness and lots of money!! Her special focus is on women, ensuring that they are financially independent when they are 50 plus of age!!

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