Meet Zinal Doshi – This WinningStree Gives Women Wings To Fly And Empowers Them!

Meet Zinal Doshi – This WinningStree Gives Women Wings To Fly And Empowers Them!

Zinal Doshi started her career with the banking industry and that had begun more than a decade back. She was hired from the campus by MNC bank after graduation. With hard work and an undying passion to succeed, she rose up to ranks in the organization and had an amazing 13.5 years in the Banking industry. But the life they say is not always about the beautiful highs.

Zinal Doshi

Zinal Doshi’s heart was yearning to do something more. And it was not only that she had this itch to do more, but she also noticed most women around her who were caught in a web of hard work, struggle, little respect, the overload of expectations, and a lack of satisfaction and recognition.

It was a stereotypical world, but she anyhow wanted to get out of this stereotypical hype. One fortunate day she decided to make this move and got out of the banking gates. The first step was about freeing herself and the next was to liberate the women around her.

Every woman dreams & loves to travel but we have to go through lots of yes’s & no’s when we intend to travel. Zinal Doshi wanted to change this. Travel expectations are different for everyone. It’s great to travel with family but traveling with likeminded women is something else because you can be yourself with no judgments and do what you always dreamt to do.

Thus, was born The Flapper Life! The Flapper Life helps women to do more than just travel – it enables and empowers women to be spontaneous, embraces the unexpected and make new friends in a fun, safe and unique way – a platform where a woman can discover herself.

Difficulties Zinal Doshi faced, as a woman, when fulfilling her dreams/aspirations and how did you overcome them?

As a woman, people don’t take you very seriously initially. Till they realize what you’re doing is something great. Traveling alone was a taboo, and it was difficult to convince people about safety and security. The biggest difficulty was to believe in me, that dreams can actually be fulfilled.

But it’s only about the first step. And then you realize, problem-solving comes naturally to women. I have been persistently following my idea, looking to improve constantly and to learn from all failings. That’s one sure way of overcoming difficulties.

Societal Pressure on Women expecting them to behave in one particular manner tends them to leave their careers midway sometimes. Your message to such women who aspire to grow higher but fear of losing things they value!

The surprising fact is, that things you value will support you if you take that first step! 

Be strong, when everything seems to be going wrong, just don’t give up. Life will test you but always remember this, when you walk up a mountain your legs get stronger.

Is it difficult for women to articulate or voice out their will both professionally or personally? How important is it for females to voice out their opinions?

Yes, it’s is difficult both professionally and personally. But it is important, like any other human. At workplaces or homes, many women don’t voice out their opinions due to social pressures, image pressures, and gender inequality pressure.  

But it’s very important to raise voice against any kind of discomfort and disagreements. Don’t come under any kind of pressure to make someone happy or obliged. You have responsibilities towards your self-respect as well and never comprise on that.

Remember, you have to be happy even to make others happy. And we are not here to please everyone, set your priorities right.

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What is feminism according to Zinal Doshi?

Feminism is not about girl power. It’s about equal power because we are humans too. This is the simplest way I perceive feminism. Men have different powers & strengths and so do women. It’s not about who is better, it should be about recognizing the strengths and respecting the same in every possible field, every relationship, every possible aspect of life. One aspect I would like to pressurize is equal education. This is MUST.

Favorite quote that Zinal Doshi believes in which speaks highly about Feminism

“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.”


The Winning Stree Moment of Zinal Doshi

A journey to one country re-routed to another country (due to a natural calamity) in less than 48 hours. This was one of the most difficult situations I faced in the very first year of my start-up. With Bali volcano threatening to erupt, coinciding with our planned trip to Bali.

The only choice we had was to cancel but with support from our Flappers we moved the destination to Srilanka with complete bookings in less than 24 hours and this was one of our best journeys. This was one of the proudest & winning moment for me and my baby The Flapper Life, something I always believed in my professional set up – Never Give up.

We were living our vision, of not being just a travel company but a partner with the entire flapper (women) community.

Your Thoughts about International Women’s Day and any message you would wish to convey to our Fellow Strees…

I would like to share learning which my parents have imbibed in me – Always be independent, whatever situation in life is. It’s important to be independent because whenever you raise your hands financially for others it should be only to give not to take. We all have wings, all we have to do is fly. The happiness always comes within, no one is responsible for our individual happiness except the person herself, so chase your dreams and live them.


8. Where Zinal Doshi can be reached?

One can reach me on 9892229782 or write to me at

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