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We believe that all women are stars aka winning strees!

If you are here, it is time for you to rise!



Come Be The Change, Be The Winning Stree


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Megha & Tanu's story

I am Megha Katira Patni, one of the founders of Winning Stree and we as women believe in uplifting each other. There are times that when you are trying to pursue your dreams – you may find yourself alone. But you are not anymore, the mission of our website is to help support those aspirations of yours, whatever it maybe. If you are facing a dull day, do let us know and we are here for you to reach out. With Winning Stree you are never alone because we are here to cover your extraordinary journey. 

I am Tanusri Chakraborty, one of the founders of Winningstree. I believe that every woman is a star and has multitude of things to offer. Via my website, Winningstree.com, I wish to be able to capture her incredible and inspiring stories and share them with the world. Only when we stand up for ourselves and pull our fellow women friends up, will we be empowered in the real sense! We certainly are here to pull out the Winning Strees amongst us which will inspire other women too. More power to womanhood. Cheers!

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