About Winning Stree

A woman is a winner all the way, be it as a home maker, an entrepreneur or a simple college going girl. She has n-number of roles to play and sometimes it becomes really chaotic for her to manage everything at one go. But even when she gets too messed up, the smile on her face remains intact. She multitasks everything with that effervescent look on her face. 

We have launched Winning Stree with the same idea that ‘Every Woman is a Star‘. We want to bring forth to the world the story of that ordinary stree who has a truckload of ambitions and aspirations and despite facing hindrances in her journey has never let her “Do It” attitude die, emerging victorious every time as a Winning Stree. We are here to capture that star power within you and feature your story. 

To all the women who wish to realize their dreams, no one said that the journey was going to be easy. In fact, it could get more long with increased difficulties until you reach your goal. 

So, to every fall that you might experience, just stand up and don’t stop, keep walking! Because you are the Inspiring One and within you lies the Winning Stree! So, come unlock your true potential.

If you are a woman who has had an inspiring journey and wishes to be featured with us, do not forget to knock on our door! We are also available on our social handles.

Team Winning Stree


‘Live and let live’ is her mantra and her writing skills are inherited from her dad. A loving mom to Buddy, her golden retriever, and Vivaan, her son, she quit a full-time job as operations leader in Noida to join her kids at home and pursue a career in writing. The joys have been unparalleled since. Reader, thinker, dreamer, believer, she is always smiling. Winning Stree is her attempt to give wings to every woman to fly high. 

Megha Patni is from Indore and is a mother to two adorable tykes. She is passionate about writing and keeps writing about parenting for various forums. Megha also writes stories for children and is the owner of Miracle chocolates. She has also authored her first E-book named ‘And She Rises’. She believes that woman are born with wings and just need the right push to be able to take off to do extraordinary things.

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