Introducing Anju Handa – The Inspiring Entrepreneur Who Proved That She Can & Shines With Sheconnects

Introducing Anju Handa – The Inspiring Entrepreneur Who Proved That She Can & Shines With Sheconnects

An inspiring stree entrepreneur is not just a successful businesswoman and female entrepreneur but she is born to empower other females in her league. Anju Handa is one such example of a self-driven female who has pledged to and is working confidently towards Empowering Women and other self-motivated females.

We at WinningStree recently attended an event of her book launch, Inspiring Entrepreneurs-Journey from Can I to I Can, and spoke to her at length about her life, mission and everything else that makes her a WinningStree for us.

Here Are The Excerpts From The Inspiring Entrepreneur’s Interview…

Who are you and how are you into what you do?

Inspiring Entrepreneur

I’m a B.Sc. & M. A. in English from Christian College in Punjab and began as a teacher in Bangalore. After my marriage in Delhi, I got an opportunity to work in a pre-school and settled there for a much lesser salary. However, my strong determination to do something greater in life made me stick to the job without worrying about the money.

My knowledge and vision coupled with dedication and hard work soon paid off leading me to become the best marketing manager in the pre-school without any proper degree in relation to the position. Desiring more success, I moved on to open my own pre-school consultancy venture by the name of Greens. Today Greens is a successful pre-school consultancy and event management company & I am the CEO & Director of the same.

Tell us about your journey…

Inspiring Entrepreneur

I established Greens in the year 1999 and ever since there has been no looking back. Not only did I impart know-how to pre-schools but also have been instrumental in establishing quite a number of pre-schools with my innovative ways. Be it designing infrastructure, activity-oriented curriculum, or teacher’s training, I have done it all for my pre-schools. I toyed with the concept of marketing and promotional events at schools for a long time and that is how I also started event management. We organize events for schools and other reputed organizations.

I also have launched an orientation program for parents, children, and teachers by the name of “Mihu – May I Help You”. My sessions at Mihu provides parenting techniques and effective training to teachers for imparting quality education to the future generations. I am quite passionate about my profession and have been the receiver of many accolades also for being associated with social causes.

Can you elaborate more on the social causes that you are associated with?

I have always wondered as to how children discard their own parents, the same parents who bring them into this world and bring them up as kids. All this moves my heart so much. Hence, I started extending my support to organizations like Old Homes, etc. I run a group called Touching Lives which helps abandoned parents in old homes. I generate my own funds through an initiative shopping bag where I sell products and the profit generated thus, is utilized for their support.

That Winning Stree moment

I felt like a Winning Stree, first when I established Greens. Also, I felt like a Winning Stree again when I published my first book, “Inspiring Entrepreneurs-Journey from Can I To I Can” in 2017. I recently also published its second edition and feel like a true winner being able to complete the second edition.

What is your book about?

Inspiring Entrepreneur

I believe in promoting women entrepreneurs. For me, an empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description. My book “Inspiring Entrepreneurs-Journey from Can I To I Can” is an effort towards telling inspiring stories of women from different fields and to expose their challenges and count on their success stories to motivate more women in the process. Buoyed by the responses of young women and girls on my first book, I was motivated and catapulted into chronicling another edition of achievers launched on 14th September 2018. The wonderful, fabulous women who showed exemplary courage and determination to realize their visions and dreams turning them into reality, are role models for all aspiring women.

Inspiring Entrepreneur

Three words you say to yourself when in front of the mirror

Thanks for Being ME!

Winning message to other women

Inspiring Entrepreneur

Follow your passion, identify your potential, and work hard!

Difficulties you faced when fulfilling your dreams/aspirations

Balancing between home & work is a challenge every woman faces and I was also not an exception. I was not computer literate and suddenly the computer revolution touched our lives. Adapting to computer ways was equally challenging for me. I did not have Facebook and other social mediums to my advantage as the entrepreneurs have today and had to rely on age-old mediums to promote myself. Today’s digital generation is luckier and can move masses with one click!

What makes you extraordinary?

Inspiring Entrepreneur

I am original, creative, confident, and exceptionally hardworking. I can work 24 hours in 12 hours which also makes me a good time manager!

Your Favorite quote that you believe in…

Those who want to reach the rooftop are in need of stairs, my destination being the sky I need to carve my own path!

Where can you be reached?


Mrs. Handa is our woman of substance and a firm believer of woman rights and gender equality. Her recent platform for women is called Sheconnects where she provides guidance and support to women giving them a platform to be connected and empower each other.

She is the receiver of many awards such as Women of Exceptional Excellence by Woman Economic Forum, Social Achiever Award by Green Earth Patron Foundation, Women with Spirit by Heart & Soul, 10th National Women Excellence Award by Govt. of India, Women Achiever Award by International Women Film Forum, Social Activist Award by Social Umbrella, Women Entrepreneur Award by Magicka Women Club & Women Author Award by 3rd Global Literary Festival to name a few.

Inspiring Entrepreneur

We at Winning Stree wish you the very best for a great future, Mrs. Anju Handa!


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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  1. Excellent interview witj mrs anju hands a real achiever who deserves the Shrew award
    We learn a lot from such positive people
    I wish to congratulate her and you winningstreet
    Com for insporing us by interviewing such dedicated ladies

    Also happy to see m&s kavita who created really innovative chocolate Ganesha such are really required eco friendly these days
    Well done kavita
    My friends daughter NEHA WHO stays in Mumbai did Ganesh ji visarjan with chocolate and poured milk on them and later filled the chocolate milk in bottles and distributed them yo children as prasad in a slum school.what a lovely wau to worship ganesj jil.

    1. Thanks a lot Sunita Ji, Yes Anju Ji truly deserves all the praises and accolades for the gem of a person that she is 🙂

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