Introducing Tingaland – A Buzzing with Adventure, Fun & Knowledge Playzone For Kids

Introducing Tingaland – A Buzzing with Adventure, Fun & Knowledge Playzone For Kids

Winningstree was invited by Tingaland on the 9th of Feb 2019 to witness an alternate planet and a vibrant and colorful one on the top of it. Starling Mall in sector 104, Noida houses this 4000 square foot interactive adventure play zone which is packed with unlimited play and party for our little ones. Referred to as the most buzzing play zone full of adventure, fun, and knowledge, Tingaland is certainly a must visit for kiddies aged between 2 to 10 years.

We have Arrived

The Fun Begins

My family of four reached the venue at about 1.30 PM and thus started our weekend fun. The sliding doors at the entrance leading into the Tinga planet added to its thrill factor while the smiling faces of their mascots, Dojo – the Dog & Boxy – the Robot, welcomed us inside. We were greeted by the owner Mrs. Vandana who is a gem of a person and a great hostess. A star entrepreneur and an extraordinary winningstree her achievements include Grehlakshmi, the notable Hindi Magazine on women.

With Vandana Ji

My son couldn’t hold back his excitement on seeing so many fun things to play with and the happy atmosphere all around. Ready to explore more, the mom-son duo removed our shoes and entered the play zone while my husband and my mom waited at the Tinga-Parent Zone. Trendy and happening, this place gifts your children with some uninterrupted playtime and a pollution-free clean zone where the safety of your kids comes first.

We were here for almost two hours and had a gala time without bothering about the child since he was left in able hands. The staff here was courteous and guiding stars for the little angels as they guided them into activities and persuaded them to try new ones. The café experience at Tingaland was amazing and the food available was delectable.

Yummy Noodles

The Tinga-Experience

Tingaland was charged up with activity, excitement and energy. The ambiance, the vibrancy, the happiness all around instantly connects with you!! This is the place to be if you wanted to pamper your children with more playtime! Let kids be kids and enjoy their childhood here having fun getting out of there boring and monotonous homework or screen schedules. Hop on to this place to know what is so magical about Tingaland!

Presenting the themed Tinga-Experience of experiential learning with safe play for kids nurturing their creative imagination.

Tingaland Activity Zone

The play zone section was quite a marvel in itself with full of adventurous games for slightly bigger kids. From the big-drop slide to the commando net with landmines, hanging bridges to tunnels and zipline, rockets, bouncy, firing guns to swings. There was everything for everyone here with helpers and Tinga staff at every step to attend to them.

The section had plenty of room to play and was neat and clean maintaining the hygiene standards in creating a safer world for the kids. Wearing socks and removing shoes before entering the vicinity is the bare minimum requirement here. My son played to his heart’s content while exploring the place.

Tingaland Toddler Zone

This was divided from the remaining play zone with a separate entry gate for the little munchkins who are around 2 to 3 years old. Lego towers, sand castles, slides, foot piano, swings, merry-go-round, trampoline, there was everything the toddler could love here. Spic and span and colorful with staff keeping those tiny tots safe and looked after, what else can one ask for! This zone is perfectly designed to engage toddlers through an interesting and imaginative play way.

Tinga Wall Climbing

The play time is not over until you have had visited the wall climbing section with your young brigade. Great for muscles and with other health benefits, Tinga wall climbing is the answer to what used to be tree climbing during our childhood days.

Wall Climbing

Separated by a glass door and with a huge ceiling of about 15 ft height, the wall climbing zone at Tingaland stands tall. With apt headgear, harness and other equipment’s, wall climbing is a properly guided affair here for the young climbers. The kids will get the feel of being on an expedition with some adrenaline rush to follow!

Tinga Art and Craft Centre

When kids have burnt a lot of their energies in playing, it is time for some learning. What would be more fun than some coloring and crafting to learn? The Art & Craft room at Tingaland gets the budding artists out of your kids as they color Dojo & his friends or even draw free-hand, make hand puppets or other craft items! Kids who love reading books can find a quiet corner here to read a book or two at leisure.  

Art & Craft

By the time the art and craft session comes to an end, your kid must have learned quite a few tricks for sure. Thus, enhancing your child’s fine motor skills, self-expression, creativity, hand-eye coordination, decision making, and socializing skills.

Tingaland Parent Lounge

What do you do when your child enjoys at Tingaland? You sit back, relax, sip some coffee, read some books, hear to music, chit chat with your fellow mates or even work from the Tinga Parent Lounge. With the kids being taken care of by the staff and babysitters at Tingaland, this is the best Me time you could gift to yourself while seeking the joys of life.

Chit Chat

Stacked with comfortable couches, tables, and fashion magazines, you can even aim for a power nap here. While this is the perfect place to unwind, it also helps in keeping an eye on your kid as everything is quite visible from where you had been sitting. At the end you are happy parents when in Tingaland!

Tinga Café

Tingaland houses a school-canteen like café which is a happy and well-organized place to be. The amphitheater here is a very happening corner with a podium and cake cutting place given separately along with stairs-like seating and a big screen in the front. The big screen airs videos of the birthday boy or girl and is open to air more.

The window gives some scenic views while the seats are equally comfortable for you to relax and savor the dishes here or sip some coffee. The café has some mouth-watering delicacies to offer and hosts the birthday parties and private gatherings of about 50 people or more easily. The café also hosts magic shows and puppet shows here during the parties. Your hungry kids after their playtime can easily be pacified here with some finger-licking good food.

Parenting these days is a never-ending quest to finding alternatives for a gadget-free childhood. Driven by the needs of such parents, Tingaland has a unique concept introduced for kids by learning through fun in a gadget-free zone. They are also conceptualizing a unique and one of its kind, Tinga Night Camping. This would see pajama party, camping games, and storytelling all merged together for little ones.

Tired kids are happy kids and Tingaland ensures that Tingasuperstars have fun playing and indulging in creative things here while building upon their social and intellectual abilities.

Thanks, Tingaland! My son loved it there!


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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