The Good Old Days of Offline Shopping Vs The Online Shopping Today : Which is most preferred for Kids

The Good Old Days of Offline Shopping Vs The Online Shopping Today : Which is most preferred for Kids

In recent times online shopping is what people swoon over by as their most preferred way of shopping. The online shopping industry is seeing an all-time boom and with the benefits associated it is not at all that difficult to relate to its popularity. Of-course it is convenient, saves the journey to and fro and gets done from any place of your choice. But amidst all this noise one thing that we keep forgetting is the beauty of traditional shopping.

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Going to a market place in itself gives you an opportunity to explore the place, touch and feel the items to be bought and interact with people along your entire stretch of time spent there.  This in itself is a way to socialize and comes as a handy stress buster.  The joys of shopping and the happiness associated with it is something else which the online shoppers fail to realize.

Online shopping actually takes away the experience of shopping totally from it. Except for being easy and offering discounts, there isn’t much it has to offer. The feeling of walking to a shop or market area and filling your hands with shopping bags, after you have tried them, touched them, experienced them, and bargained for them is a pleasurable one. The personalized attention and recommendation from the staff while shopping is surely to make you feel on cloud nine. Online shopping is actually making people lazier and more unsocial in this respect.

When it comes to kids shopping, parents, especially mothers become choosier. The texture of the cloth should be suitable for a kid’s delicate skin, the ingredients in an eatable should be preservatives free and the skin or hair care product should have nil chemicals in it. Shopping for a baby or kid is like choosing hand plucked fresh fruits from a garden or making a hand-woven wearable for your darling daughter or loved son.

Only shopping offline can make a mother’s job easier to shop for her kid’s needs. She sees, believes and then buys and does not have to wait for a week to receive the items, try them on her kids or face hurdles while returning them. Offline shopping gives a mother the opportunity to spend some quality time with her kids. Shopping is rightly a therapy meant for young and old both.

I mean who does not remember that ice-cream treat or lunch at your favorite restaurant while shopping with mom. Our endless demands as kids for toys which would break by the time we reached home was also met helplessly by our moms after quite a few reprimands. These etched memories keep coming back to us whenever the word shopping is mentioned. Isn’t it? Are we living it up for our kids as parents when it comes to shopping?

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Are we leaving them with memories to cherish while the word shopping is mentioned or leave them glued to more of online forums to buy toys and everything which is required by them? Don’t we as parents try to reduce the online and onscreen exposure for our kids as it is these days! I think all of us by now are sailing on the same boat when it comes to agreeing to the fact that shopping is when you touch, feel and see and then buy.

Of-course, the kids’ needs are endless and so are their demands for toys and other things, and the tantrums they throw while going shopping is inevitable. But kids are kids and we should let them be as they are. The crankiest kid and the fussiest kid will all grow up but the memories of going out with them and spending time with our kids over shopping will stay forever. And if you want to ease the hassle of visiting ten different shops while shopping for your little one and yet keep the joys of shopping intact, come join the biggest shopping fiesta and kids’ exhibition in Gurgaon.

All About Kids – Exhibition proudly brings a shopping fiesta for kids at Apparel House, formerly known as Epicentre, Gurgaon on 29th June for Gurgaon, Delhi and NCR parents! Stalls for everything that’s needed by kids will be here! Shop for all your birthday party needs and all the back to school check lists here!! Anything and everything you need for the kids as parents will be available under one roof along with fun events, workshops, activities and prizes for the kids to be won.

Fairs and exhibitions are always fun and this is more so for being only for kids. All About Kids was conceived (pun intended) by two women entrepreneurs (Ruchiraa Sharma & Yogita Taneja Kackar) who happened to be the best of friends and on top of that mommies. As working moms, they often struggled to find the best products for their children and this led to All About Kids, a premium platform where moms and parents can buy everything under the sun for their little ones.

A one of a kind shopping event for the kids with multiple brands present under one roof to cater to all the needs of the little ones. Kids apparel, accessories, games, services, workshops, birthday parties you name it and you have it here. Some offline shopping therapy for Gurgaon & Delhi kids is promised here. Be there and witness fun and frolic unfold throughout the day while you carry back some bags full of shopped items, a heart full of warmth and memories to cherish forever.


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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