Best Christmas Gifts For Kids : From The House Of White Light Elements
Here is the list of best gifts which you can give to your kids as gift.

Best Christmas Gifts For Kids : From The House Of White Light Elements

What is your kid’s wish on this Christmas?

Do you want to know what could be the best Christmas Gifts For Kids this year? Reading time – 3 minutes.
Have your kids not written their wish list and a heart warming letter for Santa yet? Well you being the perfect doting parent want to do some shopping in advance and get them their best gift this Christmas? Well, it is easy for you as you get to choose these winners as Christmas Gifts For Kids brought to you by White Light Elements.
An organization with a mission of helping people lead a ‘Conscious Lifestyle’ through various ‘Conscious Feel Practices’ like Gratitude, Awareness, Forgiveness, Meditation. White Light Elements offers a range of mindful products from segments like clothing, home décor and various practice products. They strongly believe that these practices can be incorporated very early on in life and not have to necessarily wait for a certain age to adopt a conscious lifestyle.
Sharing a few games that they have built which could be perfect additions in every child’s play room. These are not just games that activate their tiny brains but they’re also ethically made and share a positive message. 

Memory Games are best for kids, here’s why?

Memory Game – This exciting game of Ara and Birdie is the best way to uplift the spirit of family togetherness. There is a wonderful acceleration in the family time which eventually decreases technology screen time. It’s a fun way of teaching and learning many healthy practices and virtues like acceptance, being non-judgmental, gratitude, love, compassion, to name a few. Colorful paper playing cards have cute illustrations of Ara and birdie which were all initially hand drawn. Memory Game helps in developing a positive feeling, memory skills, visual differentiation, observation and concentration.
Memory Game
Ludo Brings people together!
Ludo – Ludo has been that one game that brought people together this lockdown. But playing this competitive game on your phone isn’t nearly half as fun. The ancient game of Ludo that originated from Pachisi asks us to sit down with our family/friends, putting a pause to our monotonous routine and giving technology a break. It assures bonding, a little laughter and some healthy competition.

The game we designed has a refreshing element and energy added to it, something that pleases the eye. The game board is made of Naturally Seasoned Teak Wood* adding an earthy component to it. It looks like a dense jungle with lots of different elements of nature. 4 animals with different characteristics are currently residing at their respective homes and waiting for the race to begin. Once the game starts, each animal will travel through this jungle and compete to reach the pond (finish line). 

Who will reach the pond first?

  • The intelligent yet humble Elephant
  • The “slow and steady wins the race” Turtle
  • The vibrant and energetic Fish
  • The free and happy Bird

Now that is some serious Ludo fun in Jumanji Style which you can also buy as Christmas Gift For Kids.


Order it Here: 

Anna Abhaar Chakra – These days, when you look at kids during their meal-time, they’re either busy with mobile phones or a tablet. Technology has taken over personal times! Kids are completely unaware of what they’re eating or being fed. With the help of Anna Aabhar Chakra, a simple practice of thankfulness & being grateful to each hand involved in bringing the food to your plate can be imbibed in the child’s daily routine. Parents can inculcate how the plate of food in front of them is a bowl of one-ness. With each pulse or vegetable coming from different parts of the country and landing on your plate, ‘together’. This in a way, also molds the child to be aware of every taste his tongue relishes while they have their meals.
Anna Aabhar Chakra
With a vision ‘Happy Beings Every Moment’, White Light Elements researches and processes knowledge related to happiness, peace, love and harmony. With a pure feel and intent, the same is converted into exclusive, beautifully designed, vibrational products that are made from natural materials. Regular use of these products in the right manner and with a pure intention balances our internal energy states and helps us recognize and appreciate all that we’re blessed with; thereby bringing moments of happiness.
So, order happiness for your kids this Christmas!!


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