Author Madhumita Mandal Talks About Her Knack For Writing, Books And More

Author Madhumita Mandal Talks About Her Knack For Writing, Books And More

She will come across as a fun loving, bit outspoken, and a regular 9 to 5 lady who arrived all the way in her life to become an author out of literary enthusiasm! An explorer, and a die-hard foodie, she was born
and raised in the city of oranges, Nagpur.  Currently stationed in Delhi, writing comes naturally to her.
Author Madhumita Mandal is a prolific, passionate and published author engaged in writing for adults and children. She works  and contributes towards women empowerment initiatives and mentors women in emotional health.

1.Who are you and how are you into what you do?

I’m author Madhumita Mandal from Delhi. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, Emotional Intelligence Mentor, and author who loves to explore little things in life. I have always believed that good health is a blessing, and one must achieve holistic health for long and sustainable life. For this, I have devoted part of my healthcare knowledge and expertise to Coaching and Mentoring.

Writing fiction is a natural hidden knack in me. Once I discovered my natural skills in writing, I slowly turned my focus into making it my primary interest. A few novels old and part of a children’s anthology, I even consult budding professional writers and content creators. I even worked on movie script writing.

2. Tell us about your journey.

Madhumita Mandal

My life’s journey has been full of learnings. I would say that each day had been a stepping stone to something meaningful, and eventually, I discovered something bigger and more significant. Enjoying the journey is more important than reaching the destination. How gracefully we reach the destination makes all the difference.

3. Why did you choose this WRITING profession? It’s quite contrary to what you were doing.

Googlies can hit at any age. It is said that people get wiser with age. I thought to share my wiser insights with the world in the form of stories. There were innumerable thoughts running through my mind even before I started to write professionally – What was I hit with? Where did it come from? There were initial hesitations along with fear of failure, reactions that may not be conducive, and so on. I stuck to my inner voice. There is every possibility that if you follow your passion… you will enjoy life’s journey more.

4. How did you get introduced to this Writing PHENOMENON?

I am an avid reader. I love spending time and money on reading books that help to entertain and impart wisdom because we are always crunched on time and quality matters. Writing came late to me, I always loved reading.

There are scores of entertainers nowadays. Unfortunately, the Indian society has reached a point where we don’t encourage young people to read and write anymore and are not willing to promote talented young writers, even though powerful writing is what has led human civilizations to grow and flourish with words and stories. Writing and storytelling are currently one of the least appreciated art forms in a country that holds thousands of years’ worth of history all conveyed and passed on to future generations in the form of countless stories.

Also, the other side of the picture is that there is a danger of having more writers than readers in the society because of the self-publishing influx. People think fiction is just a piece of imagination. Any writing takes research and understanding the subject well. The ideas need to be put with confidence and clarity.

5. Difficulties that you faced while fulfilling your dreams?

I understood quite early in my writing spree that writing is different and marketing your work is a totally different game. You must be damn rich for having writing skills, nuances of language, power of observation, etc… but you must be super rich with your marketing and promotions skills. Mentors are important in the creative world, though a few take you for a ride. One should cautiously wade through the waters.

6. What makes you extraordinary as an Author?

Madhumita Mandal

Readers want fiction to be extraordinary enough to thrill them with its strangeness and excitement. But they also want it to be relatable enough for them to find aspects they can relate to. How’s a writer supposed to pull off this apparent paradox in his or her writings? My simple style of writing along with creativity and freshness adds value to my reader’s life. That’s what extraordinary experience for me!

7. What is the best thing that you like about writing and why?

Writing is like a soothing balm to my soul – cleansing, refreshing, and renews life within!

 Clara Lucca Hinton

“I will quote her words as they appropriately suit my writing aspiration.”

8. What are your favorite genres to write?

I love writing Science Fiction, popularly called as Sci-Fi, followed by literary and women’s fiction. But I haven’t restricted myself from venturing into other genres.

My debut novel was literary fiction titled “The Invisible Me” which is a simple but deeply meaningful book. My second e-book on Kindle “My Dream Your Dream” Is a light read for teens and others. I have written two SCI_FI short stories on Kindle titled “NUKE MOON” & “CHANDRASHILA MYSTERY MAN” which is a must-read for young children age7+.

I have contributed to one of the famous children’s anthologies titled “When Mommy was a Little Girl.” In the women’s fiction category, my short novel titled “A tale from Syria’s heart” citing turbulence in a war-torn women’s life is widely appreciated.

9. Any tips for people struggling to become published authors?

If creative writing is your zeal and you want the whole world to read what you write, then you’d most likely want the benefit of pursuing a career where you could spend all day or at least most of the day immersed in doing something that you love. But the catch with all the creative writers in their initial journey in our capitalistic world of today is that opportunities are not easy to come by, especially when it comes to making a living. And when you don’t have any background or credits in the field it only becomes more challenging.

You need to know exactly what you are writing, who you are writing for, and how you are going to get the material out in the market for your target audience. You can write novels, short stories, and journalistic articles for digital media platforms. And even work as a copywriter, content writer, and do other such freelancing jobs, where the learning potential is exponential and if you take it seriously and commit yourself wholeheartedly to it, you can make a career out of it in the long term.

10. Share Your Winning Message With Strees? 

Live each day with a smile. Learn & learn new skills as much as possible. A day will surely come when you can genuinely apply all your learnings.

 11. Your WinningStree Moment.

When my first debut novel was launched.

12. How can you be reached?

My Email ID :

Facebook :

Instagram :  Madhumita2326

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Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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