Talking With The Young & Bold Fashion Designer Sukriti Ralli, Founder – Guzarish Creations

Talking With The Young & Bold Fashion Designer Sukriti Ralli, Founder – Guzarish Creations

SUKRITI RALLI is a Fashion Designer and the FOUNDER of GUZARISH CREATIONS. Six years ago she decided to create a life of her choice. She had nothing but a vision to set an example as she believed that

“Life gives us zillion opportunities in disguise. All it takes is the courage to believe in ourselves”.

Sukriti had always been independent, bold, and strong towards her approach in life.  At the age of nineteen, when her companions were planning night outs, parties & weekend getaways, she was envisioning her life 6 years ahead of it. With close to “no-money & no resources” since she did not seek help from family, she dared to step out of her comfort zone to prove herself more than anyone.

It is rightly said,

“One who has touched the sea bottom understands the value of touching the sky”.

The year 2014, was a life-changing year for Sukriti. She started her venture GUZARISH CREATIONS, an e-commerce fashion designer brand that deals in apparels along with accessories. Sukriti was so determined to achieve what she believed that she kept taking criticism as a challenge. She was told that her dreams are big and she would not get anywhere but the universe had a bigger and better way to answer the critics.

Let us know more about this wonderful woman and her journey. As we catch up with her for an exclusive on WinningStree as the WinningStree of the Week!

Why Did You Choose Fashion Designing As A Career?

If I speak the truth, I never had decided to be a fashion designer. In my opinion, the universe planned to hone me to this career. I never in my dreams had thought that I will be a fashion designer.

Fashion Designer Sukriti Ralli Receives Certificate From Sandeep Marwah of the Marwah Studio Fame
Sukriti Receives Certificate From Sandeep Marwah of the Marwah Studio Fame

What Is The Best Part About Being A Fashion Designer?

The best part about being a fashion designer is to spread happiness through the designs I create or trade which in turn does not burn a hole in my client’s pocket yet fills them with utmost joy, confidence & contentment.

Describe Your Journey Till Date?

It is strenuous to describe my journey in words. However, if I may try to put it in words I would say, it started with challenges and I kept fuelling it with my determination to reach my destination (goals). As a Woman Entrepreneur, one might have to face failures but how you take it in your stride decides a lot about your future. Some take it as a “stepping stone” to success and some take it as an “excuse” to give up.

I have always tried to be stronger than the provocations that were hurled in front of me and conquered them. The thing that I always kept and continue to keep in mind is – 

“One life. Do it or die without it – The choice is yours”

When I started I just knew that I strive for the right success, I figured out a way with time. There were times when I had to get rid of a mental rut and in order to balance out the negativity, I had to be twice the positive of it. In the end, what matters is what you achieve at the other end.

So, yes. My journey so far has been beautiful because on one hand I faced adversities and on the other I overcame them. Hence, each experience added value in my life as a fashion entrepreneur.

Fashion Designer Sukriti in Sharara

Who Inspired You To Create Guzarish Creations?

The universe inspired me to create Guzarish creations. This was not my plan but God’s. 

Back in 2014, I was placed in an unfriendly situation in life where I felt distant from my friends & family too, for that matter. My fears & insecurities took over me that I made it an ardent belief that no-one likes me and will eventually leave me at a certain stage of life. I was forced to find a purpose in life and shrug away from my enemies (fear and insecurity).

The only thing I could think of is to win over my own limiting beliefs. To take my responsibility & do something that makes me stand out and give everyone a reason to like me and be there with me. Of course, it had nothing to do with my friends and family but my insecurities and fears. Hence, Guzarish Creations came into inception.

What Makes You An Extra-Ordinary Fashion Designer?

Well! that is a big word for me! I just try to go the extra mile to make my clients happy in terms of work and services. I try to be personalized in my approach towards my clients so it feels more of a relationship-building for a lifetime instead of a business deal.

The Fashionable Sukriti
The Fashionable Sukriti

What Are Your Views In Terms Of Work Ethics In The Fashion Industry?

In my opinion, I cannot review work ethics in the fashion industry as goals and ethics go hand in hand. Each one has a different set of goals & different approach towards them.

List Out Your Greatest Strengths And Weaknesses?

My Strength (which I have observed so far are as follows):

  • Goal-oriented
  • Take challenges with open arms
  • Non-giving up attitude
  • Hard worker

My Weaknesses:

  • Bad at time management
  • Sometimes get swayed away by my fears
  • Procrastinate in taking decisions sometimes

How Would You Describe Your Sense Of Fashion And Personal Style Quotient?

One should feel comfortable in their skin when they wear any attire. I personally, like wearing bright colors because I feel it keeps my vibrations high and I feel jovial.

Sukriti Loves Bright Colors
Sukriti Loves Bright Colors

What Are Your Take On Past And Latest Fashion Trends And How Can We Bridge Them?

Well!! Fashion has no precincts. 

With this quarantine, I have seen a trending “pillow challenge” which is doing rounds all over social media. I believe people need to understand the difference between fashion and nudity. Nudity is not fashion and fashion is not nudity. Anything which is making the audience uncomfortable cannot be called “fashion and trends”. We do not have to bridge them rather draw a line between the two as attires are friends with fashion, not nudity.

How Does It Feel To Work With Celebrities And Models?

From my point of view, it is always as normal as it is but when someone else tells me that they look up to me and feel happy to see my work with celebrities, it makes me feel that I have done something different and worth everyone’s attention. That is the moment that makes me extremely ecstatic and inspires me to go the extra mile.

Sukriti With Model Ihana Dhillon
Sukriti With Model Ihana Dhillon

Are You Passionate About Something Apart From Fashion?

Yes, I am. I want to help people in winning their own self by letting them meet their own superpowers like I met mine. And I try doing it through writing blogs, be all ears to someone who wants to speak up, and by speaking about my own personal experience. I believe if I can help someone change their negative perception in this life to a positive one it would achieve my purpose of life.

What Were The Difficulties You Faced While Creating A Name For Yourself?

I had to face a lot of criticism because the reality of people around, was different than the reality I wanted to create. Some told me it is impossible, some ridiculed, some did not pay heed to what I was doing, some just were curious to see me fall down and laugh. However, I do respect each one of them as they were not wrong. They spoke from their experiences. If they had different experiences, they would have different realities and different opinions. Their realities, indeed helped me create one of my own choices. I love all of them!

Who Do You Look Up To The Most In Your Life As Role Model?

I look up to my dad because I have seen him doing a lot of hard work in life without any external support to reach a place of success. I look up to my mom because she taught me that dreams should always be worked upon. We should not give up on our dreams because we live in a society that blueprints a life for you.

How Does A Typical Day In Your Life Or Work-Life Look Like?

I make sure that I sleep satisfied at the end of the day. Contentment for me comes from being productive which includes completing the target for the day & learning something new.

Sukriti With Model Mukta Chopra

That Winning Stree Moment

The Winning Stree moment for me was when I received a phone call from PTC Network stating that they would like to associate with Guzarish Creations as an outfit partner for a reality show in which top celebrities were the judges. It was a Winning Stree moment because it was an opportunity that came on its own and from such a gigantic brand. The association went so well that the channel signed us for another reality show too.

This is something I can never forget in my life and will always be grateful for. I have had a lot of other moments of being a Winning Stree but none can outshine this one as firsts are always special.

What Are The Latest Trends 2020 In The Fashion Industry?

The trends are changing every second. I believe, ethnic is a Fashion Trend that is never going out of sight. It is a forever kind of trend in 2020. 

Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Ten Years?

I am working hard to see me as a woman of value and substance every day. I believe in the next ten years I will evolve into a stronger entrepreneur who will set an example for the world that when women decide to run a business, it is always a success. In simpler words, if I would say, I see myself being grateful for not following the stereotypes.

Be The Legend Of Your Life! Be The Woman!
Be The Legend Of Your Life! Be The Woman!

Your Favorite Quote That You Believe In Terms Of Women Empowerment?

It says like this

“If a woman wants to be a legend, she should go ahead and be one”

“Every wo-man is empowered because she has the strength of a man in her. Every man is special because he is sharing his strength with a woman. Hence we are all equal”- Sukriti Ralli.

Three Things That You Say To Yourself When You Are Infront Of The Mirror?

  • Risk is better than regret.
  • You have not come this far to only come this far.
  • If it is not today, it will definitely be tomorrow. Keep going. don’t give up.

Where Can You Be Reached?

GUZARISH CREATIONS is a brand of perseverance, hard work, determination & not giving up attitude in the hour of having NOTHING. GUZARISH CREATIONS is the best decision of Sukriti’s life after a lot of wrong decisions. We wish her more success in all her endeavors.

Hail woman power!


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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