Ganapati 2021 Celebrations The WinningStree Way

Ganapati 2021 Celebrations The WinningStree Way

The much-awaited auspicious and joyful festival of Bappa is here!! Starting on September 10th , this Ganapati 2021 festival holds a special place in the heart and soul of Maharashtrians as well as Indians across the country!! Also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi, this 10 day festival celebrates the birth of Lord Ganapati! Winningstree’s  and their brands across the country are also gearing up with the preparations for this year’s Ganapati!

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया !!!!! GANAPATI BAPPA MORYA!!!

Rintu Kalyani Rathod With Haldi Milk Ganesha, Mumbai

Rintu Rathod is a trained commercial artist and now a passionate baker. Her specialty is life size cake and chocolate sculptures. She is the inventor of ‘Chocolate Ganesha, immersion in milk and distribution of resultant chocolate milk among the underprivileged children’ concept. She has won many awards and accolades for her concept and has been widely covered in media.

After Chocolate Ganesha, she went for Payasam /Kheer Ganesha last year. Her 3rd major invention is Haldi Milk Ganesha. This year her Ganapati 2021 Bappa comes with the blessings of health and immunity for all. Made with Turmeric, Milk Powder, Misri. And Immunity booster spices like Cinnamon, Cardamom, Peppercorn, Cloves, Ginger Powder, Rose Petals, Saffron etc.

Haridra Ganesha
Haridra Ganesha


Known as Haridra Ganpati in our Shastras, you can worship the haldi milk Bappa for 11 days. No need to keep in AC as Bappa can be kept in room temperature itself. The immersion can be done either in water or milk. The resultant residue is divinely delicious and very healthy Haldi Milk. No matter how many waves come by, Bappas blessings in this form will protect us from all evil.

Her concept is beautiful, and very thoughtful. Available in 7 different sizes and designs, visit her website, for more details!!

Celebrating Ganapati 2021 at Jewel Foods By Divya, Delhi NCR

Divya Verma from Delhi/NCR is a silver jeweler by profession! However, her passion for desserts and pets has given birth to her new initiative. Jewel Foods by Divya is a specialty Sweets Desserts shop. She makes purely home made to order sweets with fresh ingredients & absolutely no chemicals! She does not use white sugar too. Instead Jaggery and organic sugar from dates etc is used.

Modak Heist
Modak Heist


Jewel Foods is an initiative which feeds dogs and strays with the sweets that it sells. Isn’t that a cause enough for Ganapati to bless Divya Verma and all her associated clientele. Also, it is raining Modaks this Ganapati 2021 season at Jewel Foods. Tooti Frootie Modaks, Pan Gulkand Modaks, Rose Pistachio Modaks, Maawa Modaks!! They are surely on a Modak Heist!!

Contact her HERE to know more or for your last minute orders!!

Maati Se. By Shalini, Ghaziabad Celebrates Ganapati 2021

Shalini Tyagi is a potter from Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. She also has her studio for pottery and makes some amazing clay and ceramic handicrafts. Additionally she also teaches and conducts workshop for Pottery and other classes. This Ganesha season she is busy taking Online and Offline classes at her studio. She can provide material or share details of where to get material like clay etc. Her classes are running Monday to Thursday daily.

Gannu By Maati Se By Shalini
Gannu By Maati Se By Shalini


So much of encouragement for people to make their own, eco-friendly Ganapatis and then do puja and home immersions on soil. Check out her page for more details and more of her work. Do join her for Pottery Classes HERE!

The Next Door By Srishti Patodia, Kolkata

A home baker and catering service provider, she bakes some lovely cakes and confections. She also makes dry snacks and cooks everything food. Rightfully calls herself Next Door Bakery. Srishti Patodia is from Kolkata and is making some lovely and authentic Maharashtrian style Modaks. Her list of Modaks will satiate every Bengali taste bud for sure.

Authentic Modaks By Srishti
Authentic Modaks By Srishti


Nariyal Modaks, Chocolate Modaks, Mawa Modaks, Kesariya Modaks and Dryfruits Stuffed Modaks. The list seems simple but these are completely for the sweet-toothed and for your sweet stay at the home expereince this Ganapati’s. Unspeakably delicious, Gannu ji is in for a treat!! Contact her now at +91-6294984302!

Claying Thoughts By Pooja Verma, Noida

Claying Thoughts is a Noida based Pottery Studio for children and adults to learn Pottery and Clay Modelling. Pooja Verma, who runs this studio is also a maker and supplier of the Eco-Friendly Ganapati. She is blessed to clay her thoughts into any size, shape, or form, and the clay too happily molds when in her hands. Having extensive experience in molding and conducting offline workshops. Pooja has carved a beautiful name for herself in claying! Get to know more about her HERE!

Ashima's gift to Alkaji At Claying Thoughts Online Classes
Ashima’s gift to Alkaji At Claying Thoughts Online Classes


During the pandemic last year when everything happened online. She resisted the online mode for her pottery and claying classes especially during Ganapatis. She was skeptical with online Ganapati molding. However, with Bappa’s blessings this Ganapati 2021 year she was finally able to come out of her comfort zone. She taught online to more than 100 participants in various workshops. These were given to organizations, individuals, kids etc. She broke some inhibitions and walls there and was happy too with the response.

We are all set to welcome Gannu Ji with much pomp and zeal. Do you know of more such women? Who are making this festival more enjoyable with their small contributions!! Add them and about their services or products right here in the comments! If you are one of them. Mention about you here in the comments, too!

Do you have it in you? Are you the WinningStree? Share your story HERE!



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