Meet Sanjhna Nayarr, Angelic Guide At Safroneya Yet The Savage Lemonade

Meet Sanjhna Nayarr, Angelic Guide At Safroneya Yet The Savage Lemonade

She is our destiny’s child as destiny chose her to contribute to the world! She is that psychic medium who connects us to the world of the divine. If you are in need of direction for the future? She can help you choose the best route, be it health, love or career choices! Meet Sanjhna Nayarr, angelic guide at ‘Safroneya‘. Yet the savage lemonade as she calls herself. Our ‘WinningStree of the Week’ helps, guides and heals people through various divination modalities practiced at Safroneya.

1.Who Are You and How Are You Into What You Do?

My name is Sanjhna Nayarr and I am a psychic medium, Rune and Tarot card counsellor and an energy healer. I also deal in crystal healing, Tasseography (tea-leaf reading), graphology (handwriting and signature analysis) and aromatherapy. I am the founder and CEO of Safroneya…the journey within. An organization, through which I provide a restorative platform to people wherein they receive help, guidance and healing by means of using various divination modalities. I also teach students tarot card and rune readings.

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Tarot and divination. I already hold a Master degree in M.B.A and M.F.M, Bachelors degree in Commerce and Bharatanatyam. I was the National Ist runners up awardee in Bharatanatyam. I am a crazy animal lover and love to dance and dream. I am a devotee of Sai Baba. Safroneya is my way to show gratitude to baba. Inspired by his colour and also the tricolor of our beautiful national flag (saffron). I get great strength, courage and motivation to walk on my spiritual path. Safroneya is my endeavor not just to self improve and awaken. But a vision to enable my fellow women to recognize their life purpose. I help them to enter their enlightenment through spreading beautiful energy of these sacred divination tools.

2. How Did It Start For You As An Entrepreneur?

Life presents us with many opportunities to find our purpose in life, but we ignore these messages and offers. Having worked in corporate as HR. Getting married to an Army officer though helped me reach closer to realize my emptiness even while being bursting with abundance. The magic happened when my daughter once asked me, “Why don’t you go to office and work like papa?? Isn’t work important to you??”

Army Husband

It changed my slipshod attitude and motivated me to stand up for all of my capability and capacity that I truly believed in. I started my readings for public five years ago.  Relationship with tarot cards happened ten years ago when a lady approached me at a restaurant to get a reading from her, that moment when she looked into my eyes, her glance was magical, it reached my heart knocking and jolting my sleeping soul.

Though that reading never happened but ever since then my curiosities increased with the passing time. I gained knowledge. As I was Clair gifted from my childhood, I think, destiny kept weaving these magical opportunities for me one after the other. Things started to work for me. By God’s, angels and my ancestor’s blessings, here I am today living my dream.

3.Tell us About Your Journey

My journey was an unexpected one.  When destiny chose me to accept my gift and contribute to the world. I was hesitant because of my lack of confidence and fear of failure. More than anything the fear of judgment. Because, I represented my husband and his family mainly. Making this spiritual decision and shift resulted in massive joggle in my life.

I personally believe, when life happens or hits you hard, it’s only you who can pick you up and drag you back on the reality track. When there is rejection outside, you find acceptance within. If there’s hatred outside, you must find love within. I chose myself over my set and expected image in the society. My only strength was my family. They stood by me through the thick and thin of my life challenges. They continue to shower their blessings and support.

4.Why is occult science an important aspect of our spirituality?

Occult science is a medium through which we connect with the divine in a more meaningful way. The mankind being the thinker is always curious about the unknown. He is in constant search to get that breakthrough relating to the mysteries of the universe. The inquisitiveness to know the future hails strongly in all of us. Most of us are God fearing. But I ask is it the fear of God or the fear of the future?? We believe in God or the supreme power which helps to stay grounded to our roots, traditions and beliefs. But, the path to this belief is what Occult science is to me.

5.What Services Do You Offer?

Psychic Medium

 Psychic Readings

Safroneya offers psychic readings through Tarot card, Runes, Tea- leaves/ coffee cup readings, aura reading. All these readings enable the querrant to have clarity of situation so that we can heal the past, correct the present and better the future.

Healing sessions

We also offer energy healings through Aura cleansing, angelic therapy, crystal healing. Here the querrant’s energy fields are worked upon to balance their chakras and aura. Their emotional, physical and indirectly financial blockages are also removed for leading a happy life in a healthier and meaningful way.

Runic  Magic and Aroma Therapy

Safroneya also offers soul rejuvenating products which are handmade with love using runic magic. Runic blessed candles, scented candles (plain and decoupage candles), runic magical spa set, crystal fruit candles, bathing crystal salt, bath bombs and frizzes and sugar body scrubs.  These products work on your senses like magic captivating and refreshing your soul. The runic magic therapeutic set is made for specific areas of the querrants life as per the readings which generally cater to their health, wealth, love, relationships and abundance.  These products take time to be delivered as they involve lot of spiritual charging.

Psychic mediumship

Mediumship is exclusive readings for querrant’s deceased loved ones. Here we connect with the souls that have crossed over to the other side and receive messages for the querrant. This is extremely intimate and sacred session carried out and involves longer time than other psychic readings.

Psychic Pet Reading

One of my favorite sessions is doing a pet reading. Here intuitive reading is done for understanding any pet’s particular reasons for a behavioral patterns or it is a general reading wherein the owner and pets connection and communication is focused upon. We also undertake readings for passed over pets.

Handwriting and Signature analysis

Here we analyze the querrant’s handwriting or the signature to improve the quality of life.  There are many hidden patterns of our behavior which impact our success or failure on a subconscious level. We help them recognize these mistakes which they can work upon and indirectly have a beautiful, happy and healthy life.

6.There are many who disagree with the subject of your practice referring to it as superstition? How do you react to such thoughts?

I have started to take opposition in my stride for the simple reason that these comments motivate me to keep going on my spiritual journey. Because I have risen from antagonism.

There are always two sides of a coin, both plays significant role to the coin’s existence. Similarly there are people having two notions about occult science – one who belongs to the scientific category and the other faith. It’s about welcoming and accepting duality of the universe. We Indians live on our rich traditions and cultures and at the same time we also have accepted other cultures. So to say, I welcome criticism because it is catalyst in my personal development and I have faith in the supreme power.

7.Difficulties You Faced When Fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

The challenge was handling my home front with my babies and pets. Back then I had four furry babies to take care. I started off my readings secretively so it was definitely the biggest challenge to keep it under cover. Once I had made my spiritual choice of path public, people don’t take any woman seriously, so definitely proving my mettle to hold on to my faith and dreams was not easy.

8.How has the journey been so far?

Bharatnatyam Dancer

Inspiring, educative, shocking, enlightening.

Inspiring because, I come across people with different issues and to see them bravely withholding their situation I get inspired.

Educative because every reading has a new message that teaches me as well. Shocking because sometimes such scary and unexpected revelation happens that leaves me shaky literally.

And enlightening because this is such a revered platform to connect with your inner self so that you can connect with your higher self. It’s an experience in itself.

9.How passionate are you about your work?

It’s a tricky question because I can’t live without breathing. My existence now solely depends on my spiritual life. It’s my life force.

10.What makes you extraordinary? 

I don’t think I am extra-ordinary. I am very much like my fellow beings. It’s just that on this earth school, the angels have chosen me as one of the monitors in their classrooms for certain duration. I only do whatever, however and whenever I am guided to. It’s all about spreading love and compassion across the world. I don’t want to join the rat race. Yes I love to work with more people to guide and heal them. Maybe the idea of competing only with myself to learn more and connect better with myself, I would say is different and unique but not extraordinary.

 11.What is your spiritual message to female entrepreneurs who want to make it big in their entrepreneurial journeys? Any message to awaken their souls.

I would like to ask every girl to become a savage lemonade. I think I will quote myself from my book “Because I am savage Lemonade” , where I have said that In our life, we all wake up to these startling and astounding situations at some point of time. Where in we are forced to choose between our mind or heart. Savage lemonade is all that one needs in order to come to terms with life’s reality.

Savage Lemonade

Savage lemonade is about your attitude towards life and people. We all love our lemonade. When life gives you lemon, it should be your fundamental choice to make lemonade out of the demanding situation. How your lemonade turns out to be depends completely upon the various ingredients included in it. The riper the lemon is, the better is your lemonade. The more refreshingly savage becomes your drink!!

So choice is yours! Do you want to become brutally Savage lemonade or continue as a collector of lemons that life throws at you. What do you want to become? Believe in yourself and mature with every difficult and unfavorable situations coming your way.

12. Your WinningStree Moment...

When my parents said “we are proud of you beta.” This was when I received my first review from my happy client.

13.Three words you say to yourself in front of the mirror?


14. Your favorite quote that you believe in?

 “Be the love you never received.”

This phrase has changed my life.

15. Winning Message To Our Reader Strees?

Union with oneself should be the prerequisite to recognizing and realizing of dreams. So Strees, Dream big and stay grounded!!

16. Where can you be reached?

To know more about this ‘Savage Lemonade‘ visit the social handles:






Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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