Meet The Founder Of D’Desire Divya Agarwal, For Whom Gifting Is A Desire Since Childhood

Meet The Founder Of D’Desire Divya Agarwal, For Whom Gifting Is A Desire Since Childhood

A very sweet lady who puts her heart into her venture. Divya Agarwal from D’DESIRE has a sweet aura and a need in her to fulfill desires!! Thus, was born her brand which is 14 years old now. Her brand fulfills the gifting needs of her clientele starting from birthday gifts to wedding gifts to something for children. She has everything under one umbrella!!

Her entrepreneurial journey has crossed over 14 years. She has now expanded into categories like jewelry, bed furnishings, designer sarees, imported toys for kids, crafted decoration items, and keeps on adding more categories for kids and adults for both. She is passionate to learn more and has also ventured into creations like chocolates. Let us get to know her better as our WinningStree of the Week!

D'Desire Founder Divya Agarwal WinningStree
D’Desire Founder Divya Agarwal

Who Are You And How Are You Into What You Do?

I’m Divya Agarwal and my venture which started in 2006 is called D’Desire. I started it to keep myself occupied in the free time that I had post marriage. The vision was to keep me productive and kill all the ideal time. Today I house multiple categories under one umbrella called D’Desire and have been adding more ventures to the same.

Divya Candid
She Believes In Fulfilling Desire

Tell Us About Your D’Desire Journey

An Interior Designer by qualification, I started to become an architect but realized that to me the beauty of the building was more important than the building itself. The Interior designing practice then turned into Beauty Consultation. This widened my area of interest in creativity and thus turned my work mode into accessorizing a person. Being associated with one of the leading brands in the world, i.e. HINDUSTAN UNILEVER, was a platform for me to grow as a person and a blessing to learn more.

D'Desire Divya Agarwal
Divya Agarwal In The Networking Meet

I started with regular skincare, personal care, and professional makeup techniques, and basic daily healthcare. Working with HULN gave me opportunities in conducting many sessions for beauty, skin, and makeup for individuals, small and large groups. Being indulged in networking with so many different mindsets, gave me an observation that every individual has a desire to become beautiful externally or internally. So, I came up with the idea of accessorizing a person. I started designing Indo Western jewelry with semi-precious and precious beads. A piece of jewelry lights up a woman’s aura.

D’DESIRE started with the zeal to fulfill all desires out of basic and occasional gifting needs. D’DESIRE originated from the thought of desire to have anything. Under this brand, we design, manufacture, and curate a variety of products for gifting and self-use in all the sectors. My journey till now has been like the most precious stone, close to my heart and gracious. Honesty and dignity are what I plan to return with more of my zeal to support and guide all.

That Winning Stree Moment!

My Winning Stree Moment was when I was chosen by divine powers to be a supporting and guiding source for all those women who are waiting for something magical to happen. Who awaits that one little push of motivation and then come out of their comfort shells to show their worth to the world.

Divya Agarwal
Thankful Thursdays

Three Words You Say To Yourself When In Front Of The Mirror

Not just 3 words, but many that I follow in life coz life is way more than 3 words…

Winning Message To Other Women

My winning message to other women:

Divya Awarded
Divya Receiving Award

Difficulties You Faced When Fulfilling Your Dreams/Aspirations

If we talk about difficulties or challenges, that is an ongoing process for every home-based women entrepreneur. As we start from scratch to perform multiple lives on a daily basis.

  • A daughter to a wife
  • A sister to a mother
  • A daughter in law and a sister in law
  • A homemaker with a businesswoman

Every role has to be taken care of side by side.

Divya Agarwal With Her Kid
Divya Agarwal With Her Kid

What Makes Your Journey Extraordinary?

Representing my passion for incorporating everything at D’Desire. We would like to ensure that there is a long list of items that we cover. Starting from the gifts one might think about for the parties, be it KIDS BIRTHDAY or a HOUSE WARMING or BABY SHOWER or WEDDING or ANY FESTIVAL or any other occasion. Thus, creating D’Desire a “ONE UMBRELLA BRAND” which gives everyone a unique “I WANT THEM ALL” shopping experience and makes us extraordinary.

We are looking forward to hands in hands expansion with a vision to guide and make more and more women independent in terms of decision making, money matters, creating an existence and acceptance with a proud feeling in the society.

Divya Agarwal At The Winning Stree Meet

Your Favourite Quote That You Believe In…

Believe In What You Believe

Where Can You Be Reached?

Name: Divya Agarwal (D’Desire)

Mobile Number: +91-9910707900

Email Id:

Profile: Destination, Jewellery Designer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Skin Care & Beauty Consultant, Chocolatier and Baker, and Gifting Consultant.

May you create ripples of Desire in our lives.

D'Desire Divya Agarwal
All The Best Divya Agarwal!


Mother of two (Four Legged Golden Retriever called Buddy & human child Vivaan), she feels blessed to have pursued the joys of writing leaving her career as an operations lead with an MNC. Singer, Dancer, Reader, Writer, Thinker, Believer, Day Dreamer, and now Blogger, she is her ever-smiling self always. She also writes for parenting and HR&A related topics for various other websites and dreams to write a book someday.

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