Ghazals Re-Imagined: Sadu’s New Single Based On Legendary Faraz’s Words Aims To Contemporise The Poetic Genre

Ghazals Re-Imagined: Sadu’s New Single Based On Legendary Faraz’s Words Aims To Contemporise The Poetic Genre

One of the voices from the popular 90s band Aryans is that of Sadasivan KM Nambisan aka Sadu. Vocalist, lyricist, composer, and a founder member of the famous erstwhile pop act, Sadu is determined to carry forward the legacy of hummable melodies, such as Aankhon Mein Tera Hi Chehra, Dekha Hai Teri Aankhon Ko, and Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Kya. 

He came back to the scene in all his might after a short gap with his solo single titled Mausam in December 2019. The track received lakhs of hits across streaming platforms and was recorded with live instruments and no programming whatsoever, in contrast to the trend of the recordings practices prevalent nowadays. Sadu seeks to bring back the era of “good music with simple melodies and nice lyrics.”


His first single of 2020 titled Hor Kinne Suboot Lyawaan, was released in the month of February. Hor Kinne Suboot Lyawaan is an ode to lasting love, with timeless lyrics, set to contemporary beats in a soft electronic arrangement. 

The man whose signature for decades has been love songs, released a scathing piece of poetry summing up the apathy of human beings towards nature and its resources, in June 2020 as the world grappled with the COVID-19 outbreak. Titled Us Chaon Ko Tarsoge Tum, the poetic rendition was born out of the artist’s mixed feelings on the current state of the planet. 

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During the same time, Sadu also took to performing live on social media platforms to do his bit towards keeping people’s morale high. From his old and new songs to ghazals and classic hits Sadu covered a wide spectrum during the time. His ghazal renditions were met with a rather warm response not just from music fans in India, but also Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other far corners of the world. Owing to the response he received and his sentiment towards the lack of awareness and exposure to the genre of ghazals that today, Sadu then set his mind towards making the beautiful legacy of ghazals more accessible to a large number of underexposed audiences. 

His next single is a pop-style ghazal titled Aankh Se Door Na Ho, a 2020 take on the famous ghazal penned by one of the most prominent of Pakistani poets – Ahmad Faraz. In Sadu’s words, it’s his humble attempt to contemporaries ghazals, with sounds and production tech palatable for the contemporary audience, all the while maintaining the sanctity of the genre that’s a part of the Indian heritage and culture.

About Sadu

Sadu was born in Kerala but brought up in different parts of the country such as Ooty, Tamil Nadu, and Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, given that his father was in the defence services. Eventually, he found himself in Mumbai in his pursuit of music.

With a masters degree in Science (Organic Chemistry with specialisation in Environment Science) and a keen interest in sports, Sadu first brush with music was in the small town of Bhopal, MP with an orchestra group but his relentless desire to make his own music took him to Mumbai, in 1996. That is where he met his soon to be bandmates DJ Narain and Jai Walia and Aryans – the band came into existence. 

Universal Music formerly known as PolyGram launched their first album Aankhon mein tera hi chehra, the title song starring Shahid Kapur, became an instant hit in 1999. The next two tracks Yeh hawa kehti hai kya & Dekha hai teri aankhon ko, also became big hits and the awards started pouring in, soon after. 

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With pressing individual professional commitments of the band members (Sadu runs a pharmaceutical company, for example), the band continued to do shows for a while, and then over a period of time, members started releasing their solo works, independent of the brand name. 

Sadu feels very strongly about the need for a music industry independent of the film industry and urges musicians to keep up the good fight for original music. 

Previous Releases 

Hor Kinne… – February 2020

MausamDecember 2019

Click here for Aankh Se Door Na Ho video | audio track 

Sadu Music on the web:

Youtube: SaduMusic

Instagram: @sadu_music

Facebook: @sadumusic

Twitter: @sadusongs


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