World Sleep Day!

World Sleep Day!

Today is World Sleep Day which makes us realize how important sleep is. Along with diet and exercise, it is important that for a body to function properly we need at least 6-8 hours of sleep. This World Sleep Day the aim is to draw people’s attention to the health problems faced by not sleeping properly and also the management of sleep disorders.

The theme of this year’s World Sleep Day is ‘Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging.’ Listed below are some of the tips you need to follow to ensure a sound sleep to have a healthy lifestyle and long life.

World Sleep Day!

Tips For You For A Heathy Sleep On This World Sleep Day!

  1. Studies have pointed that people who sleep less are likely to eat more as the leptin (this is an appetite-regulating hormone) levels in their bodies fall, promoting an increase in the appetite.
  2. Eat a balanced and healthy diet and also limit your consumption of caffeine. Try to limit alcohol intake especially during late evenings to avoid waking up in the middle of the night which may then result in staying awake later.
  3. Sleep at least 6-8 hours for your body to function properly.
  4. Avoid surfing on your phone before falling asleep as the blue rays that your phone emits may prove harmful to you and your brain disturbing your sleep pattern as well. Try to avoid watching TV just to lull yourself to sleep.
  5. Cut out the noise and too much light in your bedroom. It should be a haven for you to sleep as it takes away all the stress and tiredness after a long day. Create the best environment for sleep.
  6.  Choose your mattress which should not sag and it should be able to give support to your back. It should not be extremely soft extremely hard but should be comfortable for your back.
  7. Use a thin pillow to give your head the right support and give you comfort. Avoid having a thick pillow since it would disturb your posture and not give you enough rest.
  8. This World Sleep Day practice deep breathing techniques and stretch yourself or do stretching asanas before sleeping to calm your mind.
  9. Make a resolution this World Sleep Day to fix a time to go to bed and ensure you follow the same sleeping pattern. This way you will not only have a healthy body but also a happy and healthy mind.
  10. Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and free of allergens and odor. Do not use excessive room fresheners instead let fresh air and cool room temperature can do wonders!

From all of us here at Winning Stree, here’s wishing you a Happy World Sleep Day!

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