Meet Kapeel Barsiayan – He Believes In Empowering Every Woman

Meet Kapeel Barsiayan – He Believes In Empowering Every Woman

Behind every successful man is a woman and behind many successful women is a man who has been actively working towards creating a better world for them. There are men out there who strongly believe in the importance of women empowerment and work towards women’s rights and issues. One of them is Kapeel Barsiayan, who strongly believes in Empowering Women.

NGO Buddh Jyoti Foundation

One such man who believes in making every stree winning is Kapeel Barsiayan, writer, director, and producer who believes in standing up for women equality, empowerment, and entitlement. Kapeel Barsiayan has traveled to various parts of the world, from the remotest of villages to the most developed nations. Along with his journey, he realized that women are not only subjected to mental and emotional torture but are physically tortured as well.

In order to create awareness and to spread his message across to a wider audience, Kapeel started to curate events focused on various issues related to women. Over the years, he has brought up powerful events inviting major stakeholders like the government officials, industrialists, NGO’s, etc.  Through these events, Kapeel Barsiayan has raised concerns on various issues such as women’s equality, empowerment, and safety.  Through his NGO Buddh Jyoti Foundation, he has empowered mothers and wives and many women.

NGO Buddh Jyoti Foundation

“To bring in a change for the society and for women, it is equally important to address the issue in the right perspective and also involve the right kind of people who could help and make it happen.” said Kapeel Barsiayan.

NGO Buddh Jyoti Foundation
Honorable Minister Kiran Rijiju with the families of URI Martyrs

With this regard, Kapeel is also working on a movie related to the emotional empowerment of women which will be co-produced by Sourabh Mahajan. Since this is a very crucial aspect that has to be addressed which will empower a woman in real sense.

Kapeel Barsiayan says,

“To empower a woman, especially the one who is a victim of a man’s cruelty, people need to support her mentally, emotionally and psychologically in the true sense and not just make her feel more vulnerable. Through my film, I am trying to address this issue, hoping to bring a positive change in the mindset of people as well as the society.” 

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