“Women’s Hygiene Is Utmost Responsibility For Better Health” In Conversation With Fe Uri Cofounder Divesh Sood

“Women’s Hygiene Is Utmost Responsibility For Better Health” In Conversation With Fe Uri Cofounder Divesh Sood

Every woman out there knows how difficult it gets to use a washroom once she steps out of her home. They are either dirty or unhygienic to use. In this process, we quit drinking water or even juice leaving us dehydrated and this reflects on our health too. But thanks to Fe Uri, now ladies can freely move out of their house.

Fortunately, someone decided to find a solution to this ever raging problem that we see while at a shopping mall, airports, airlines, or any other place for that matter.

Divesh Sood, Co-founder of Fe Uri – a pee aid that helps women in relieving herself in the safest way is like a blessing in disguise. In conversation with Divesh, he tells us all about the product and what he thinks about women’s health and hygiene.

1.  Where did the idea of creating this product Fe Uri come from?
I was in Mumbai for a year and whenever we used to go out most of my female friends had to face an issue about finding a good restaurant or any mall. Public toilets were in so pathetic condition that no one will ever think to squat on them for a pee. It then struck me that there should be something that can be used in order to pee safely without getting any infection.

Because most of my female friends have this fear of frequently visiting a washroom and so avoid drinking water or anything like juices etc then they have to hunt for clean toilets. Then I researched the pee funnels but most of them were made of silicon and were expensive. It can be used again but needs to be washed, but in public toilets, seats aren’t clean so how can one wash their funnels and without washing they can’t be kept in the bag just like that, so I thought of paper funnels because they are easy to carry and use. The best part is that it can be disposed of then and there.


Tell us something about Fe Uri

Fe-Uri is a compact, easy to carry, state-of-the-art, stand & pee aid for women. It is designed for utmost comfort and is a great travel companion for women. It is meant for use in public toilets, aircraft, trains, highways, and places that lack clean toilets or have limited access to toilets. 

It is a very economical product; it helps women avoid coming in contact with urinary tract infections (UTIs) and is easy to use for those with orthopedic ailments or back and knee issues as well as pregnant women. 

Fe Uri - A pee aid

When did you introduce the product in the market? How was the response?

The response was great when ladies got to know that there is something in the market that can actually help them from getting in direct contact with the seats of public toilets or any toilet seat of the hotel mall etc. Many young females who love traveling and exploring the world just loved the product and ordered in bulk. Even in gyms these days there is no guarantee that how many times seats are cleaned and used by many people throughout the day. Many friends who are into fitness running etc took this product in bliss. 

Women’s hygiene has taken a backseat and is neglected both in rural as well as urban areas. Comment.

Yes, hygiene is not looked at as a mandate for women. It’s an indulgence something that has to be paid a price for. It’s still considered a taboo talking about women’s private areas or menstrual hygiene issues publicly and is not acceptable. Reaching out to the right influencers is tricky.


Your message to all the winning strees out there

Never compromise with your health, always keep yourself hydrated because water is an essential part of our body. Because of the fear of nasty toilets many ladies avoid or reduce water intake which is again a bad sign for your health. 

Women who you admire in your life as in look up to for inspiration and determination.

For everyone mothers are the first women in life whom they admire and learn from them. But I really admire Laxmi Agarwal whom I consider as a true fighter.

Do you think the word feminism is misinterpreted?

Yes majorly!! 

Pros of using Fe Uri

  1. This product is good for females who love to travel and to explore the world but are afraid of getting infected by the bacterias in public toilet seats.
  2. Ladies who are working in offices or have to visit client-side on a daily basis but the washrooms there are used by multiple people but are cleaned maximum twice a day or not even that.
  3. For those ladies who are conceiving and don’t want to get infected by UTI as there are precious moments of life. So no more squatting or wiping seats.
  4. For Aged ladies who are who cannot squat to sit on seats because of knee pains or any other pain.
  5. Another reason to use Fe-Uri is that it is easy to carry in pockets/purse/bags etc and dispose of. It comes with the hand sanitization napkins also.

Order yours today at https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07KR4423G/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zmKyCbAQ0XQJ2

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