How Today’s Lunar Eclipse Will Change Your Life By Kinnari Davawala

How Today’s Lunar Eclipse Will Change Your Life By Kinnari Davawala

As we all know 21st January 2019 on full moon day we will experience total Lunar Eclipse.

Time of Eclipse – 8.07am up to 1.08pm. The Lunar eclipse will not be visible in India.

Lunar Eclipse will take place in Pushya Nakshatra and Kark (Cancer) & Sinh (Leo) Rashi.

Lunar Eclipse will affect living beings from 16th January 2019 up to 25th February 2019.

Eclipse Details – Lunar eclipse focus on one’s mood, thinking – decision taking ability, relationship with family members, and platonic love.

For those born under the positive moon in their birth chart, will demonstrate will power, leadership skills and take higher responsibilities at the workplace, which will give them the best results. The lunar eclipse will be negative for those who are born under the negative moon, negative Rahu, and negative Ketu in their birth chart. (Negative Rahu and Ketu in birth chart creates Grahan dosh / Pitra Dosh / Chaandaal Yog in Kundli resulting in hurdles at the workplaces, problems in marriage, slows financial growth and mental stress ).

During the eclipse, if remedies are performed for these negative planets, it will give 50% more powerful results then remedies performed on any other regular day. Hence Eclipse is very important for performing remedies to enhance financial growth, improve health, for education, family related issues, marriage. 

Effects of Lunar Eclipse on the star sign 

Lunar Eclipse

Aries –

You guys will see major changes in your love relationship. Couples planning for baby will get good news during this period. Some of you will do well at work and get appreciation from seniors. 

Taurus –

It’s a good period to take decisions on pending property matters. During this period some of you will incur expenses relating to redevelopment or renovation of the property.

Lunar Eclipse

Gemini –

Marriage is on cards during this period, Singles looking forward to getting married will see things working out quickly. A new partnership formed during this period will bring the best results. 

Cancer –

For those born under this sign with the positive moon in their birth chart will get a lot of short term lightning opportunities and circumstances to make fast money. 

Leo –

It’s the right time to make people around you realize your worth and don’t let others take credit for your hard work and efforts.

Lunar Eclipse

Virgo –

It is the correct time to disconnect negative people from your life to lead a peaceful life. 

Libra –

The eclipse will bring Goodluck to you, this period will enhance your luck for monetary gains. You will feel more positive spiritually.

Lunar Eclipse

Scorpio –

You will realize you are important to people around you because of your decision-making ability. You need to remain cautious as people will try to take your advantage.

Sagittarius –

The eclipse will get you new opportunities at the workplace. Business Travel in this period will be fruitful. 

Lunar Eclipse

Capricorn –

The eclipse will get positive relationship changes in your life. You will connect emotionally to someone close and get more inclined towards that person. You will end the relationship with negative people. After the eclipse, health will improve those suffering from ailments. 

Lunar Eclipse

Aquarius –

The eclipse will portray your negative in-front of people around you. Hence be careful with what you speak and choose your words wisely in conversations.

Lunar Eclipse

Pisces –

The eclipse will give you opportunities to prove your leadership at the workplace. If you take the best advantage of this and show your leadership skills there are high chances you will end up with promotion at the workplace.

Kinnari Davawala explaining Lunar Eclipse

For remedies to be performed during Eclipse as per birth chart and astrological consultation contact Kinnari Davawala on 9820293669.

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